More on my DELL laptop

I’m waiting for a call back from DELL from someone at the CORPORATE level. Someone that will speak English as their FIRST language. (Nothing against people who speak it as their second language.. unless they don’t bother trying to learn it and speak it correctly.)

The laptop is up and running fine… but I haven’t bothered upgrading it to Ultimate again, yet. I’ve randomly rebooted it and such to see if I could piss it off too. (chuckle)

There is the chance that the problems before were related to not having an up to date driver installed…. including the fact that I flashed the BIOS….

I ended up doing my 2 partitions and installing Home Premium all by myself, sans DELL tech support. (Gasp!!) Ord. (How I’ll refer to my fiance) pointed out that if it croaks under Home Premium it’s not because of Ultimate… so I’ll probably let it run Ultimate free for a little while – for now. It’s got EQ2 on it now too. I needed the hotfix to have it run a little better… and definitely need to adjust the graphics some so the performance is better (put it on balanced)…. but still, it’s playable.

And yes, I’ll be seeing how far it takes me to get through DELL’s chain before I get clear, concise, not-misleading answers to my questions. Hopefully they’ll call back before the semester starts back up next year.

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