Finally! Finally!

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a new dryer. (The old one was basically one setting of everything and took loooooooooooong time to dry anything.) The new dryer has a stainless steel drum, the lint trap in the front (instead of from the top which I hate) and tons more controls and such. I have options besides high heat. I have options besides air drying all our shirts in a very small space or shrinking all our clothes on high heat!

And, luckily, I found the dryer we wanted on sale (online only) from Home Depot (though I wouldn’t suggest getting delivery from Home Depot cause they don’t do what they say) that was still cheaper AFTER the delivery charge. I think OP was a little amazed at how painless it was to have the dryer delivered. (They put a new cord, a new exhaust hose and checked to make sure it ran/heated up.) They also took away the old one.

So now I’m doing the laundry that’s been waiting for the new dryer. Specifically…the slipcover off the couch and the rugs in the kitchen. The new dryer even looks to be slightly smaller (like inch or two) than the old one.

Both washer and dryer are GE with stainless steel drums in ’em.

Author: Histamine Queen

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