IM spam

That’s IM not I’m. So last night I won a $500 dollar Macy’s gift card, got an invitation for someone to webcam chat with me and got a link to “pics of a crazy party.” Too bad I don’t shop at Macy’s and haven’t gone to any crazy parties…

Don’t you love IM spam? I’m tempted to close out yahoo and msn messenger every time I’m away from the computer… doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose? Well, maybe, just kind of.

Author: Histamine Queen

Nerd, wife, knitter, writer, cat mom, and comic book reader w/masters of science in Applied Sociology. I have histamine intolerance, lots of food allergies and sensitivities - including gluten. And I have multiple sclerosis fibromyalgia, asthma, drug allergies, and migraines. Basically, I have a collection of invisible chronic health problems. I don't just survive these things, but sometimes I do hate them because I see doctors so often that keeping healthy and staying full time employed is currently impossible.