Music (mp3s from Amazon) wish list

River Songs || The Badlees

Up There Down There || The Badlees

Theory of A Deadman

Godsmack’s new album. need to see when it’s going to be released


Approaching Normal || Blue October

Saving Abel

Rise And Fall, Rage and Grace || The Offspring

Drowning Pool

Author: Histamine Queen

Nerd, wife, knitter, writer, cat mom, and comic book reader w/masters of science in Applied Sociology. I have histamine intolerance, lots of food allergies and sensitivities - including gluten. And I have multiple sclerosis fibromyalgia, asthma, drug allergies, and migraines. Basically, I have a collection of invisible chronic health problems. I don't just survive these things, but sometimes I do hate them because I see doctors so often that keeping healthy and staying full time employed is currently impossible.