Knitting: Projects and To Do updated

Finish the second fingerless glove
– Finished!

Keep slogging away on navy blue scarf – Been working on it.

Count stitches on navy blue scarf – record on ravelry – Still need to do this!

More stockinette stitch practice to confirm that I figured out how/why the stitches look (as I was told) twisted
– I think I now understand how to identity twisted stitches. I think it was my purl stitch. Things seem better now.

Start my scarf in green. I think it’s just going to be ribbed have to decide k2-p2, k3-p3, k5-p3, etc – It’s gonna be knit 3 – purl 2. I think.

Work on mom’s red scarf, smaller version of navy blue scarf – still on back burner

What fun and exciting new project to work on next? Hat or socks? SOCKS!

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