Friday afternoon…

I decide to not stop at $tarbucks cause I don’t want to deal with it being super busy or the baristas working being super stupid (this location specifically)… I decide to stop at the grocery store on the way home and get some vanilla soy coffee creamer instead since we have good coffee at home. (Nevermind I was going to get a latte at $tarbucks, not coffee.) As I pull up at grocery store I send husband a text asking if he had any requests for the grocery store….

His only serious answer was “anything I want for dinner.” Well, I got beer! Beer to try, to be specific.

Nevermind I don’t think beer is going to help me write this research proposal paper which also reviews literature from 5 other sources (at a minimum) that’s due in like 10 days. Too bad I can’t write it on beer.

Author: Histamine Queen

Nerd, wife, knitter, writer, cat mom, and comic book reader w/masters of science in Applied Sociology. I have histamine intolerance, lots of food allergies and sensitivities - including gluten. And I have multiple sclerosis fibromyalgia, asthma, drug allergies, and migraines. Basically, I have a collection of invisible chronic health problems. I don't just survive these things, but sometimes I do hate them because I see doctors so often that keeping healthy and staying full time employed is currently impossible.