Knitting WIP: November

In progress

1. The big blue navy scarf knitted on the round is nearing completion. less than 2 oz of yarn to go.
2. The sock knit flat still isn’t done.
3. The hat still isn’t done.

To do

1. Reattempt my scarf in the green merino
2. Make another pair of fingerless gloves in merino by adapting the pattern I’ve already used one to better fit my hands
3. Learn double pointed needles.

Author: Histamine Queen

Nerd, wife, knitter, writer, cat mom, and comic book reader w/masters of science in Applied Sociology. I have histamine intolerance, lots of food allergies and sensitivities - including gluten. And I have multiple sclerosis fibromyalgia, asthma, drug allergies, and migraines. Basically, I have a collection of invisible chronic health problems. I don't just survive these things, but sometimes I do hate them because I see doctors so often that keeping healthy and staying full time employed is currently impossible.