Knitting Projects: what next?

It’s that time again. Time for me to make note of what projects I’ve got going so I can figure out what to do next.

I finished the fingerless gloves for self made from blue lace merino. They are nice, they’d be nicer if I remembered to make note of the pattern I used when I did the first glove. >_<


1. green socks, on heel for sock 1, for self
2. pink scarf gift, zombie like, low to medium priority
3. *green shawl, been on back burner for awhile, for self
4. pink shawl, gift, medium priority
5. basket weave blanket, low priority
6. blanket squares, low low priority
7. green hat, for self, medium to high priority since I don't have a hat I LIKE for myself
8. *blue sweater, for self, medium priority
9. I think I have enough blue lace merino left for a smaller, snugger, pair of fingerless gloves


1. put patches on my green scarf
2. felted "bed" for cats to augment bed/perch thing beside my desk
3. more socks
4. shawl for self with awesome variegated fall like yarn

*hard to work on with distractions

Should probably work on hat or socks. Hmmm.

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