More knitting UFOs

Recently had the realization that using UFO instead of WIP makes more sense cause then I have the matching FO and I like that.

It’s also fun how knitting has jargon.

More UFOs, these are just the crazy zauberballs I have cast on.

This is a seed stitch scarf for my husband


I’m also using Norwegian purl in it and that seems to make my gauge fluctuate a bit. Don’t think it’ll matter for a scarf.

Next is another hitchhiker. I wholeheartedly recommend this pattern, especially for a ZOOBERBALL. This one might also be a gift.


Last one, this is a purple and orange zauberball and I adapted my own pattern with some inspiration from tentaculum. (free pattern)


Hard to get the colors to show up on this one.

I have way too many active UFOs. Again.

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