Observations on high efficiency washers

We’ve had a top load high efficiency washer for less than two weeks. I did some research on them in general and this type of washer really gets mixed reviews. My final opinion is that people who hate this type of washer either 1. Don’t read the directions, 2. Get the cheapest model, or 3. Don’t follow the directions.

1. Uses less soap – immediate money save
2. Uses less water – Can you say drought?
3. Gets things cleaner – I’m getting cleaner cloth dinner napkins.
4. Makes less noise – washer and dryer are right off the living room
5. Clothes come out less wet – immediate money save

1. Must remember to put soap in first and measure soap always and load washer slightly differently.
2. Slightly more expensive – but it’ll pay for itself I’m sure
3. The lid locks so that’s a little tricky to get used to. Have to pause cycle to rebalance an out of balance load.

Pros outweigh the cons. Enough said?

Author: Histamine Queen

Nerd, wife, knitter, writer, cat mom, and comic book reader w/masters of science in Applied Sociology. I have histamine intolerance, lots of food allergies and sensitivities - including gluten. And I have multiple sclerosis fibromyalgia, asthma, drug allergies, and migraines. Basically, I have a collection of invisible chronic health problems. I don't just survive these things, but sometimes I do hate them because I see doctors so often that keeping healthy and staying full time employed is currently impossible.