the Dentist


<insert 5 to 10 minutes of metal scraping on, around your bottom front teeth here> Make sure to include the bone being scraped by metal sound that’s like finger nails on a chalk board. Twinge some.

Hygienist asks you: “Are your gums sensitive there?”

Your only obvious reply: “Well yea, when you’re poking them.”


(To her credit, she did then apply that numbing gel stuff that made it much easier to handle.)


I hate the dentist with a passion. Hate. Fear. Get anxious about. Etc.

If you ever meet a dentist with the last name of Savage run away. Even if you’ve seen dentists by other names at the same practice he works for. Run away.

I also hate oral asthma medicine that does things like cause gum inflammation, sinus pain and tooth pain so bad you can’t floss.


This school board needs to get over themselves. This makes me extra glad for the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008. (Which, by the way, why is it “Americans with” ?)

Fear of the unknown (and healthcare)

As part of the wonderful bureaucracy that is health care in the United States I’ve signed many many forms recently. I’ve remarked on who to contact in case of emergency and the question of whether or not I’m pregnant. As a patient with no insurance, there is no paperwork, no image of concern, no impression of a trail of paperwork. Now, there is paperwork everywhere. Beyond that, I have doctors referring me to other doctors. It’s almost like you are a full time

The health care system in this county has definitely turned into a nightmare. No, is a nightmare, no turned into. Allergies? Talk to an allergist. Migraines? You have migraines? Was an MRI used in diagnosis? (Because otherwise it doesn’t count!! neener neener!!) You have x, y, and sometimes z? Well, that’s another specialist.

I think the population’s general fear of the unknown has helped breed the multitude of specialists. What happened to people being a whole person, not just parts with different symptoms? What happened to being able to afford to see a doctor without paying a large amount of money into a health insurance company? Who keeps health care providers in business, people or insurance? Who keeps health insurance companies in business, health care providers or people? Who fuels the fears about health concerns/problems? The insurance companies or the doctors?

And I haven’t even mentioned the drug companies yet!

It shouldn’t be called health care anymore. A bureaucrat needs to come up with another term. Yes, it refers to your health, but, not in a general fashion, only in the way that symptoms also refer to your health. And everyone knows one symptom can mean more than one thing. Who the hell knows what two different specialists in the same damn field would think about the same damn problem.

Based upon how much the doctor I saw today was in love with technology and referring to specialists (in love with is not the greatest way to refer to how she acted, but best thing I can come up wtih) then I’m not surprised that the medical community has hate and distrust for homeopathic practioners.

I wonder what would happen to the health care providers if people started to distrust anything they were told. What would happen if people started wanting answers and advise, not drugs to make them feel better. It’s obvious the system is becoming more in love with technology and drugs and specialists than just a few years ago.

New Year Resolutions

Resolutions. Resolutions. Resolutions. Usually I find this silly… this year I think it’s probably a good idea.

I need to be better at motivating myself. I also need to remember there’s no reason to get defensive when I’m asking OP for help with something. (Regardless of what I think his tone of voice is or means.) Be better with my asthma and allergies. If it’s going to trigger my allergies and I know it… then say no. More exercise. Less snacks. More sex! (Hey, can more sex ever be bad?)

More writing. I now have multiple blogs. I like to blog, I like to write. Keep up with it! Learn more about computers in general, html specifically. Mostly, keep up with my own interests even when I’m in school, but don’t go crazy over it. Oh yea. Actually continue to use my brand new camera.

Continue with my own readings in sociology. Continue with readings in photography. Continue with reading in general! Do the research and get my project relating to adult asthma awareness underway. (No car right now has put a crimp in that since I want to hit up an actual LIBRARY.)

Put the cats on a grooming schedule. (We can vacuum every week after all.)

Don’t get too stressed out with school. Remember it’s ok to take a “brain break” but not ok to go until I snap.

Depression should be easier to cope with since this remedy is better than the last…. and I have another doctor’s appointment in less than 2 weeks.

Fragrance free soap

Why is it such a pain in the ass to find fragrance free hand soap? Some nice soap for using after I’ve been preparing raw meat in the kitchen for example. To provide some context… regular Dial hand soap smells really strong to me now. I don’t want to try using it on me.

Don’t even get me started on the “hand soap” in “public” restrooms.