Supernatural!! Dallas Con 2016 Part 2

This post will be more pictures, including the stuff I bought. Wow it’s taken me way too long to actually get back to this post. I think this is supposed to mostly be about Mark Sheppard.  He started out his Q&A pretending? being? Crowley. I think I’ve loved this man in every role I’ve seen him play. He’s annoying and convincing and something. There were a few questions that were just awesome to see and hear him respond to. Someone tried to ask him about his opinion about the presidential candidates for the 2016 election and the face he made at this was SPECTACULAR. Nice reminder about actors playing characters being just another person. Also, he used that opportunity to talk about why the US is great and why you need need need to go vote. He asked later question askers if they were going to be voting. It was great. It was also amusing when he got to the back of the “ballroom” or whatever and said something like “oh look! The poor people!” …. but he also liked it back there because it was cooler.

I can’t pick between liking Misha or Mark more. They were both awesome. Stuff I bought first.

The only Creative Entertainment purchase I made was a “Humans are so Fragile.” tshirt. This is a simple canvas bag with a shoulder strap longer enough that it crosses over your chest and it’s comfortable. I bought it for an alternative for my regular bag purse thing which is a freaking messenger bag because it’s versatile. The company making these were genius because I saw them everywhere and I think they are made to hold the notebooks they sell to keep your photographs and autographs that you get at cons’.


And this was one of the many pieces being sold by a woman who made lots of handmade jewelry. Similar to this yet not. She was also wearing compression gloves. I can’t remember the exact name she had for this piece but it references Baby. (You also got a discount if you said “hey assbutt”.)


Food! Here’s the horrible pathetic burger I ate at the hotel’s “cafe” because they didn’t have a full restaurant open during their remodel. I was even going to try food from the gift shop instead but that was closed too. (No bun because gluten bad.)


On the way home we stopped at Liberty Burger and I definitely made up for the almost tasteless food I ate earlier with this. I splurged and ordered a cider. I couldn’t finish it but the side effects weren’t as bad as I was expecting. I was actually able to enjoy some of it! This burger was so very yummy and their “skinny fries” are awesome.



And now, Mark Sheppard pictures. Because I’m a rookie for cons I was initially very confused why the house lights were brought up when he started…but then didn’t mind him walking around. The first picture is the OMGIWASFOURFEETFROMMARKSHEPPARDPICTURE!!!!!!1111111


Did I do that right? Anyways. This is where we end, with a few bad pictures of Mark Sheppard (in skinny jeans!!) walking around talking to people. He wore a Crowley tshirt too.





Supernatural! Con Dallas 2016 part 1

I finally can say that I went to a con’…. Few weeks ago we went to the Supernatural convention that was in Dallas. It also turned out very good that we bought season 11 of Supernatural so that we didn’t run into any spoilers at the con. In the past we’ve waited for Supernatural to show up on Netflix to save money. (No cable, see part about saving money.)

Travelling is expensive and difficult when you have a limited diet so I was super excited that a Supernatural convention Super excited. Because of money we went for Saturday tickets and didn’t go to the Louden Swain concert. It was only $100 but would have cost more gas money, more time in the car, and more difficulty with food, probably some eating out, so it was way more than $100 for us to go. We didn’t buy any photo op or autograph tickets either because we found them expensive and the lines were also amazingly long. Maybe if we had more money and had paid for more than 1 day?

The venue was kind of horrible because the hotel was doing major construction. Like should have closed level of construction. Their “cafe” was offering a limited menu and we were stuck there for lunch. We didn’t want to have to play the search for a parking spot game again. (There was so many parking spaces in the parking garage filled up with badly arranged carpentry equipment or stuff like old carpet.) When we first arrived, the up escalator was broken.

There was an interesting variety of vendors. Being there on Saturday we saw the end of Brianna’s and Osric’s panel. Then we had to wait until later to see Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins. We had reserved seats so we never had to fight for seats or anything. We also had decent enough seats, a little closer might have been nice because I would have been able to take better pictures with my phone. Jared and Jensen showed up on Sunday. We were a little bit glad we were not going to be there for Jared and Jensen considering the level of noise when Misha and Mark walked out on stage. (In other words it was fucking loud.) Would have wanted earplugs for J2. Really enjoyed hearing both Misha and Mark talk.

I think I might remember more of Mark. (Why oh why did I not make this blog post 2 weeks ago?! ARG!) When Mark came out on stage, Louden Swain played some ‘versions’ of Mr. Crowley. The country version was maybe the best? There was an extra fantastic part when Mark was asked about the current presidential election and he turned it into GO VOTE! (Side note, he’s a US citizen now.) Mark also did this fun bit where he walked the whole way around the room….he also acted a bit like Crowley. He was just fun to hear and see I guess.

I bought a few neat/nice things too. I need to keep looking around for some kind of Supernatural themed notebook.

We also saw/heard a little of Louden Swain. Maybe I’ll finally fucking remember to investigate their music! We even talked to God! Holy shit I would have been unhappy to have that spoiled!

Maybe the most important part of the whole experience was the atmosphere. There were so many people wearing You are enough shirts. I can’t remember if Mark or Misha asked for a show of hands from people who have depression … but seeing the sea of hands made me feel like I belonged.

Ok then, (mostly bad) picture time!

This is the one and only Charlie cosplay I saw. Her costume was very well done too. 

And here’s a few shots of the stage. We were over 30 rows back so these pictures are hard to see/kind of blurry. These first three are Louden Swain.

And in these next few… Misha is in the red jacket.

And these are from when Misha was doing his Q and A panel. 

He’s on his phone because he had to talk a call from his daughter. ♥️ Then Mark Sheppard appeared.

I’m going to put pictures of Mark Sheppard when he did his panel and the pictures of stuff I bought in another post. I’ve fought with WordPress multiple times since the con trying to get these pictures uploaded. Maybe two posts will make it work. And then the WordPress app on my phone didn’t actually publish the post when it said it did. LIES! Part 2 Soon!

Going to miss Alan Rickman

When I saw the breaking news on my phone this morning I think I blurted something like “Well DAMMIT!”

If you search google for Alan Rickman images, you find a ton of head shots and very few memes. The lack of memes is interesting. You gotta dig around to find memes and still I didn’t find very many. This one is good though!asparagus alan rickman




Young Alan Rickman is definitely easy on the eyes.

young alan rickman








One last picture.

alan rickman in glasses

If Bob Ross was alive today

If Bob Ross was alive today he would have a youtube channel and then a Twitch channel. He would post pictures of trees and creeks and mountains on Instagram. He’d use crowd funding websites to continue his seasons of painting lessons. People would expect him to help them become famous as artists. Some people would learn a lot from him.

I imagine that people would make comments about how Bob seems to be on drugs, or question why Bob couldn’t button a few more buttons. There’d be comments of how drugs are bad and how he’s bad for children. Other people would use his shows to teach their children or themselves to pain. I already know thanks to Twitch that people would comment RUINED when Bob added a large tree in the foreground of a painting. There would be so many more Bob Ross memes…and people would make Bob Ross wallpapers for computers and phones and tablets. Maybe Bob Ross would be like Weird Al?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was really really good

Saw the new Star Wars movie this morning. We actually went to a 9:30 am showing. We are seeing the movie again – in theatre – next weekend. I’m not going to actually talk about movie specifics, just about the movie in general.

There are multiple strong female characters in this movie. So many good females! I think some of the movie they went safe. Some things had to be done since it’s the first movie of more Star Wars movies. If this movie shows how there is more to come, I’m happy. As far as Star Wars is concerned, there’s lots of tidbits and questions, not many actual answers for anything. Probably goes back to it being first movie of more than one movie. The droids were cool.

In general, I think I have to watch the movie a second time to decide if there was a specific thing that I actually didn’t like and if you spoil this Star Wars movie for anyone I hope you get coal for your winter holiday presents.

Ramble: I am a 35 year old woman and do not understand women’s clothing sizes

I have recently lost a lot of weight because I had to make changes to my diet and lifestyle due to health problems. Because of this my clothing became way too large seemingly overnight. I have shopped in the plus size section for over 10 years. Because of this I feel like I have some understanding of what plus size means and how women’s sizes can “appear” in different stores. Because of the clothes I own that I fit me all over again I’m still in plus sizes….. as far as I can tell. (Side note: Plus sizes are often 2xl and up and/or start at size 18. In the last few years manufacturers have started making plus sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4.)

Some of my recent clothes purchases have involved Old Navy because their clothing is cheap – and also because they have a lot of solid color shirts. I bought online because that is where the plus sizes are. I had to look at lots of size charts and basically do research to buy clothes. I ended up not buying plus size but I wouldn’t have figured that out going into the store either. I had to go into the store to return shirts that turned out to be too big in that order and while I was there I figured I’d do some shopping. Keep in mind that Old Navy does not have plus sizes in the store. If you ask an employee that is what they will tell you.

I found 2xl shirts. I found jeans in size 18 and size 20. I even liked the different styles in jeans Old Navy offers. Curvy vs. straight and three jean lengths: regular, short, and tall. (By the way, I’m 5’8”.) I figured I’d fit into the size 18 since it’s not plus size. Especially, considering, that I just recently started fitting into a pair of size 18 women’s jeans I bought from JC Penney a few years ago. That clearly must mean I should start with size 18 and that should be just what I need? NOPE. Never go to the fitting room with one size of any pair of pants unless you are absolutely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that the size is correct for you. No buts. Don’t do it. The size 18 jeans were huge. I had room to hide another pair of jeans in the butt and hips. They were baggy through my legs. The only thing that worked was the length. I check the tag. Short. SHORT? I’m not short. SHORT? Ok then.

Two more trips to the jeans section at the front of the store and I’m tired but on my third try I finally had what I wanted. The size 16 curvy regular short looked like skinny jeans. The size 14s were definitely too small but that was fine. There’s no universe where I can fit into a size 14 – yet. I ended up with size 16 curvy bootcut short length. Some parts of the jeans were a little snug, including around my knees but I know I will lose a little more weight so I wasn’t concerned. Let me repeat that. Size 16 curvy bootcut short length jeans. Please, please, for the love of all that is or isn’t holy can we stop with all the ridiculous sizing before it gets worse? I can imagine 50 years from now that would be size 16 moderately curvy, moderately bootcut (as compared to bootcut flares), tall short length jeans (tall because DAMMIT I AM FIVE FOOT 8). I’m still stuck on the short part. I’m 5 foot 8 inches tall and bought “short” jeans. Size 16 purchased in the store means I’m not in plus size anymore – at least in Old Navy world. Side note: I also spent less money because I wasn’t buying “plus sizes.”

Based on my experience in the Old Navy store, I could have purchased clothing from an Old Navy store not considered plus size while I was still in the plus size range in every other store I’ve had experience with. (Or just keep buying more cheap sweatpants at walmart.) On the way out of the store, I had this crazy idea that I decided was a conspiracy theory. Plus sizes for women are always segregated. They are often not available in a brick and mortar store and you must shop online. (Or there is virtually no selection in store and you still have to go online.) Because of the segregation, women won’t look at or try on clothes of a smaller size and end up “stuck” in plus sizes. Furthermore plus size vary even more widely than regular women’s sizes. Separating out sizes like this doesn’t help. If brands are going to sell plus size clothes they should consider comparing their sizes to a competitive brand and they should most definitely offer a selection of clothing in a store. In reality, I’ll probably continue to be confused and frustrated by the state of women’s clothing. I really need to practice my sewing!

Updated: Being told to never forget 9/11

Every year when another 9/11 anniversary happens I wonder when something is going to change. The message I see continues to be “never forget.” Never forget what, exactly? Which part? The media and our politicians tell us to never forget, but then they always seem to have a specific thing we should remember. To me, that reeks of exploitation, not recognition.

Here’s an example of what seems like some pretty popular images. All the images refer to the location of one of the plane crashes/attacks. All the images are patriotic in nature.

I finally figured out what my problem is with being told to never forget 9/11. Media and politicians should instead be talking about who to remember. I’d rather remember the first responders who helped people on 9/11. I’d rather remember the men and women of the military who have been through multiple tours – somewhere overseas – because 9/11 happened.

Never forgetting how planes were crashed into buildings in NYC and people died is just recreating grief and trauma. I’m not saying people shouldn’t grieve, hell no. But we could skip the traumatic images and the jingoism.

We also don’t talk about the health problems that first responders who worked the scene(s) of the 9/11 attacks still face (Ground Zero). It has it’s own wikipedia page for gods’ sake! No one wants to caption pictures like this though. Or talk about cancer.

This looks to be a very thorough discussion about the PEOPLE involved in the rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero. Let’s remember the fire fighters, paramedics, utility workers, disaster recovery workers, and volunteers too.

Let’s grieve for the people who died and then remember the people who are still here. Let’s start remembering the people involved in rescue and recovery on that day (and who still rescue others). Let’s remember the people fighting and dying in our wars (still today). Let’s change what the anniversary of 9/11 is about. Do first responders have their own day of recognition yet?

You want a patriotic image to remember 9/11? Something like this makes so much more sense to me…. (Found here.)



It appears I might be adding to this throughout the day. Here’s a great collection of one of the things wrong with “remembering” the anniversary of 9/11. Go, look at the article, skim through the twitter posts from corporations. Some of the images are quite distasteful. There is sooo many different ways to recognize the 9/11 anniversary. Remembering the people who died and served is respectful. Product placement with an American flag? Not so much.

Updated again:

Here’s a tribute to the New York City Firefighters who gave their lives (or should I say give?) to help people 13 years ago today.

And here’s an article on somebody else I totally hadn’t considered…. the rescue dogs that helped out rescue workers. Over 300 were there 13 years ago.

Vaccinations: Why the debate?

Recently, I’ve come to realize that I actually feel rather strongly on the subject of vaccinations so it seemed like a great blog post topic. Jenny McCarthy* has helped to further the anti-vaccination “movement” even though the doctor who published research showing vaccinations caused health problems was found to be a complete fraud. Vaccinations seems to be a subject touchier than war, politics, or religion. It is so sad, now that we have eliminated so many horrible illnesses, that people’s ignorance leaves them in mortal danger – as well as so many others.

I guess in this age of the Internet and availability of any information regardless of source or legitimacy, people think they can research on their own with no guidance or suggestion from someone more educated or experienced. Just because someone says it is so, does not make it true.

I think anyone who does not vaccinate themselves or their children are putting themselves, their children, and every single person they come into contact with in grave danger. I have immune problems since I have allergies and asthma. I got a flu shot this year as well as a pneumonia vaccination. I’ve had no colds this past winter, let alone the flu. My husband also received a flu vaccination – for my protection just as much for his own protection. Secondary to his protection, and my own, he was also protecting his coworkers. But don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with being educated and controlling what vaccines you receive – as an adult. There is reason why children – especially school age children – are required to receive certain vaccines. For example, while I have chosen to receive the pneumonia vaccine, it does not seem important at this time for my husband to receive it.

This is how herd immunity works. Everyone knows sick kids make more sick kids. Consider that the flu is more than just sniffles and lost sleep; it also weakens people so much that death is possible and has even happened in abundance this last flu season.

People who do not vaccinate supposedly believe that the vaccinations are not worth the possible problems/issues/etc. How is this possible? Vaccinations are medical care. All medical care that involves some kind of chemical will have some kind of side effect. It seems to me that if you’re going to research one aspect of medical care you should research all aspects of medical care. Furthermore, you should also research everything that enters your body because who knows who could be lying.

I would like to ask a person who does not vaccinate their child if they:

  • do not use over the counter pain medication for fear of poison or organ failure.
  • do not use pain medication of any variety during or after any kind of medical procedure since there are possible complications with anesthesia and strong (opiate) pain medicines. (Does the dentist numb you before drilling?)
  • avoid caffeine completely. Much has been done about the problems with caffeine. There’s research!
  • avoid alcohol completely. Again, research.
  • avoid recreational drugs completely.
  • avoid food dyes. Food dyes have been connected to autism, ADHD and a multiple of problems.
  • wear a mask in public to prevent the risk of infection. Again, more research.
  • avoid birth control containing hormonal chemicals because of the risk of stroke/other complications. Again, research.

Personally, I’d suggest being educated and listening to your doctor’s advise. Your doctor went through at least eight years of intensive training after all – something must have stuck! There’s nothing wrong with doing your own research – but usually it’s better to use research to better understand what more experienced and better trained people tell you. It’s also important to remember that your doctor has met more people than you know, he or she has heard more stories and knows what is medical fact and what is not. (Or at least he or she should!)

For example, I will continue to receive a flu vaccination because of how easy it is to get the flu. However, because I had a very strong adverse reaction to a tetanus booster I will likely only receive that booster if I’m at risk. No doctor worth his/her time would suggest I get the tetanus booster just for the sake of it based on my past history of reaction. This is why I discuss vaccinations with my doctors.

For these reasons, since those against vaccinations only seem to talk about the dangers of vaccinating, it seems that they also lack critical thinking skills. We should feel sorry for these people who seem to think themselves fit to control medical care for others. Maybe, one day, people who willfully put the lives of others in danger** will be kept separate from society for their safety and the safety of others because they obviously do not understand how society works.

*I’m not quoting sources here.

**Like people who are HIV positive being charged for having unprotected sex with others with the intent to knowingly infect them with HIV/AIDS.

Writing and Unemployment

So far I’ve been unemployed for 2 weeks. I quit my job willingly for a number of reasons. I felt the economy was better and I was safe to start looking for a job that uses my masters degree – instead of being stuck in a two parts customer service one part technical support job that was sapping the time and energy needed to search for a job. The job I quit was slowly sucking my soul – also for a number of reasons. I’m not going to gripe about the job I no longer have because I’m not going to dwell on the past.

I haven’t started going crazy, yet. It probably helped that my first week of unemployment was spent recovering from a double vaccination. I got the flu vaccination and the pneumonia vaccination at the same time. My knitting has also helped me. I’ve finished two small projects in the last 2-3 weeks.

The federal government shutdown is also making me nervous. I’m hoping to find a job in nonprofit – which could be hampered by this shutdown of government funds. I’m hoping – illogically? – that this will be taken care of before the United States defaults and so it will not hurt the economy and job market too terribly much.

I’ve been searching for jobs on multiple sites almost daily. I’ve applied for lots of jobs too – not all of them in nonprofit. I finally got around to reading this blog post on freelance writing earlier this morning, which affirms that I need to get back to writing daily. My blog is an easy way to do that!

Unfortunately that means I need content – unless I’m going to use writing prompts. Writing prompts haven’t worked for me in the past, so that brings me back to needing content. Content, content, content.

This first post was easy, writing and unemployment! Come November, writing daily will be easy because of NaNoWriMo. No reason to wait until then to write though! Reading that blog post also reminded me of my (old) idea to review a TV show through a sociological lens. I’m thinking that might work better with a current show though. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. perhaps?

Finally, I’m debating paying for this. I think I’ll go ahead and disable comments on this post because I see it attracting a lot of SPAM. Also, why did I say also so much here?

Learning Code or Trying

I’ve been trying to learn again. Turns out I’m happier when learning something. Regularly. Turns out I’d also rather learn something that is an applicable skill – as compared to theory.

There are plenty of useful and free sources on the Internet – you just need to filter out the crap. There’s plenty of crap. I was thinking I want to learn html/css/javascript. That applies directly to my current job (which I’m otherwise overqualified for.) Turns out html is easy unless you specifically have something to WRITE or DO. I don’t. For now I pick up html as I got. Learning some CSS would be useful – but I haven’t found a source yet. Javascript is a better thing for me to attempt learning – outside of work. I think. Or more specifically, learning the logic of how code works is a good place to start. Maybe after this I’ll see about learning R.

So I’ve been learning off of a site called Code Academy. It has badges and achievements. That automatically makes it fun, right? I’ve also been trying to work through the exercises in Learning Python the Hard Way. I haven’t had as much time and energy as I’d like to spend on the Python book. If you have interest in learning code I definitely recommend either of these sources.

Random cats: blame the Internet

Friend recently linked me this picture.

I had to go searching for it because it seemed relevant to a silly conversation in an irc channel. So then I decided to post it on my blog. And then when searching it I remembered the source of the picture. Good blog. Jenny Lawson is awesome. I’m almost done reading her book. (FINALLY!! It’s taken me too long to finish such a good book!)

Also. This.

Kittens seem to love boobs don’t they? But hey, what’s not to love about boobs? Soft, warm…uh. yea. Anyways. We recently adopted 2 kittens from the local animal shelter (city run) so maybe I’ll use kittens for reasons to make blog posts. Want. to. write. more.

Censorship is bad

Collection of information on SOPA and sites that blacked out in protest:

Check your voter registration.

Supporters and Opponents in Congress

Open Letter to Congress from Artists and Creators

Do it for the kittens

Why is SOPA Bad?

End Piracy, Not Liberty

Why ████ Censoring Wired █████

Plz to be shutting up now, kthxbai

This idiot makes me sick.

Freedom of religion does not mean freedom for any who claim membership to a Christian faith to practice their religion, other we wouldn’t call it freedom of religion. We’d call it something like freedom for Christians…. or a national religion of Christianity.

Why do so many people think that all Muslims are the same? Many American Muslims have more education, are more civic minded, and more involved in their community than many “American Americans.”

Tea Party members should consider the idea that perhaps some Muslims have moved to America so that they might practice their religion with more freedom and less fear.

Good part of the article I think:

Of course, community leaders in Tennessee are not alone in their inability to distinguish between violent extremists and most Muslims. In recent statements on Twitter and to Fox News, politicians like Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich have objected to plans for an Islamic center in Lower Manhattan, not far from the site of the World Trade Center.

What will Apple do about biology and health text books?

This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m all for removing apps that are degrading to women. I’m fine with that. However. Apple doesn’t know what that is, especially based on the SG app being removed. And. They are doing it *now* when the iPad is on it’s way? That’s just marketing, that’s not caring. That’s Unilever selling Dove AND Axe.

Also, are we going to have a kid-friendly iPad for school and a not-intelligent-adult-friendly iPad instead? The iPad is supposed to have books. Well, we can’t have anything that just might be arousing. So, that means, let’s see. No comics. No graphic novels. No romance. Not a lot of sci-fi. And none of the porn disguised as books like some of the things Laurell Hamilton writes.

I like my macbook pro, a lot. It’s great for being a student, it’s great for someone who does research, it’s lighter than the DELL laptop – with a smaller screen – that I used to carry around. I mostly like my iphone. I was planning on getting an iPad for the functionality of iPhone apps and an ereader (and a music player and etc) all in one. (I don’t have an ereader like a kindle right now.) This crap makes me hesitant.

Is this reflecting the general Puritanical nature of American mainstream society or is this someone at Apple being stupid and not thinking this through? And I’m not even going to go into the whole Internet and porn thing. One last thing…

How many upskirt pictures have been shot with an iPhone camera?

HP doesn’t trust their customers

So I bought a brand new (from HP P1006 LaserJet printer back in February because my first HP LaserJet printer suddenly stopped printing. It turned on, but that’s about it. The printer I bought back in February stopped turning on this week. Digging around on HPs website I found I had a 1 year warranty since I had registered my printer.

I played email tag for a few days, making the Indian* on the other end realize that I had troubleshooted everything and it wasn’t the outlet, it was the printer. So next I get a new cord shipped to me because maybe it’s the cord. Cord comes pretty quick. But, it was shipped by Fed Ex so that means it was left at my front door and I’m lucky I got it.

Cord didn’t fix anything. No I wasn’t surprised. More emails. Then I have to wait for a call before I can get my printer. Yay! Talking on the phone with an easily confused Indian*! So much fun! I find out HP will send me a new printer and by new I mean refurbished. And, I have to send the old one back. Ok, that’s standard-ish. Then I find out I need to provide my credit card info in case I don’t send the old printer back they will charge me for the new one.

179.00 for a refurbished printer. Right. Oh and the 1 year warranty? It turns into a 90 day warranty (or the rest of the 1 year warranty, whatever ends first).


So assuming Fed Ex doesn’t fuck up anything I get a “new” HP printer. (I had an APC battery backup replaced once, the Fed Ex delivery person didn’t bother knocking on my door, he tossed it over the banister of my patio. I know this because I was home at the time.) At the end of the call I was asked if there was anything else HP could do. I said “don’t outsource their customer service.” The person I was talking to was very confused.

I should add I maybe had the chance to get a new printer instead of a refurbished one but it would have taken at least one more phone call with at least one more confused outsourced Indian. I didn’t want to deal with that. (Ever called DELL?) And I don’t have to pay to ship the old one back; supposedly I’ll be getting the appropriate labels.

I’ll probably never buy another HP printer. Even though HP printers are pretty damn nice.

*When I say Indian I mean poorly trained person with poor English stuck working for a foreign company in a customer service call center shit hole who happens to also have an Indian accent and based on when he/she replies to my emails also lives on the other side of the planet.  (Can you tell I worked in a call center?)

gah. forgot a few things. There is one other option, don’t get anything low end from HP anymore. Like DELL’s business customer service is better than their personal/residential/regular people. Also, I can dispute charges with my credit card if necessary. I made sure to provide a credit card and NOT the debit/visa card/bank card. Also, I maybe should have bought the printer through newegg. Or look at RMA options with newegg before deciding where to buy my next printer.