An “expert” talking about “cybersex”

Q: Have you ever done first-hand research into cybersex—as in, have you ever had cybersex yourself or observed anyone having it?

A: I’ve done surveys and talked to patients. It’s not like I’m just doing this because I’ve heard someone say whatever. As to whether I’ve gone online myself, I haven’t, specifically because these days even if you don’t go online you are totally deluged with email. For example, if somehow you get on this or that person’s list and then they sell the list to everybody else. Every day I probably get thirty emails about “enlarge your penis.” So even without getting on any porn websites, I know what they’re like. All you have to do is just go once on a porn site and immediately your address gets spread out. I just really don’t need that in my life. So the answer is, no I haven’t.

That came from here.

Obviously, she has no idea what she’s talking about. Cybersex according to Wikipedia here. I just skimmed the page – didn’t actually read much. More motivation to do some research or study on the Internet and how the Internet affects our lives – in ways we don’t even realize. The only question is where to start.

Dropped a class

I had to drop a class. I hate dropping a class. But when the professor is not actually a professor and can’t teach… it can become necessary. The good news is I have more time for everything else now. The bad news is I still have to take statistics later on.

It bugs me the school doesn’t seem to care that they are only providing warm bodies to lead classes, and not actually providing professors. Wonder if this would have happened for a more popular degree plan?

Yea. I know. It’s cryptic. *shrug*

My brain on life

Today I went to a class I didn’t need to go to… as in there was no class today. Instead of getting annoyed and going home I decided to see my advisor about adding a minor degree to my education/degree plan/etc. Then, for shits and giggles, I decided to see what it would take to get a double major instead. It turns out, potentially, in theory, unofficially, it won’t really take any extra work. Like the worst part would be 1 extra semester and taking 2 advanced writing classes. Of course this is unofficial. I have to decide and then go talk to advisors again.

But, the other part. Rounding up, I need less than 40 hours to graduate from my bachelors. If I double major then that would be less than 40 hours for 2 bachelors. Yes, two. Of those 40 hours, 15 can go towards the masters I want to take. (They call it fast-tracking.) I have started this semester saying I’m a junior and don’t know how long I’ll be a junior to I’ll be graduating in two years, and that is WITH the masters.

Add this onto the rest of my plans for life (our plans) and I (we) can be married in 2010-2011. In theory that’s two years of paying on credit cards. We could be looking at houses or in a house in 2012. I can now have answers to questions like: When are you getting married? When are you graduating? When..? When…? When…?

My brains is threatening to implode. I’ve gone from not being sure how long I’ll be in school (read as: I’ll be in school forever!) to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel AND knowing it’s not the oncoming train.

To do: Besides not let my brain implode, or explode, of course. Go over the degree plans, and actually think about this on my own time. Then talk to both advisors for both degrees. Confirm that all the information I have is correct.

Purse Part 2

I got my purse from LLBean yesterday. It’s niiiiice. It’s too big though. Told OP that if I ever buy a leather purse again, if it doesn’t actually smell of leather…. that means don’t buy it. This has lovely construction. There’s a few things I have to get used to. Like the wallet. The wallet is huge but I think I will end up falling in love with it. The bigger wallet is also easier to find in the bigger purse. The purse actually is sorta backpack in construction.


I don’t remember having a slinky as a child.

Now, I own a slinky. A real one, made of metal, makes the slinky noise.

With as much fun as I’m having messing around with it, I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a slinky.

Summary of my AT&T (DSL tech. support) complaint

I was even given a case number to reference my filed complaint. (I know you are surprised, aren’t you?)

But, anyways, a little background first. It took at least 3 calls, multiple tech visits and a 400 dollar bill (we were reimbursed by the apartment complex by paying less rent) to fix the wiring in our apartment and the apartment building so we might have working DSL. Fast forward a year (to a month ago). The DSL suddenly stopped losing internet connection anytime someone called the landline/house phone. Anytime. Every wrong number. Every “you need that identity protection program on your credit card” call. Every wrong number… oh wait, did I already mention wrong numbers? Fast forward to now, earlier this evening. I spent an hour on the phone with AT&T people today.

That’s about 3 to 4 hours total to get a problem fixed.

The complaint I filed about AT&T DSL technical support:

1. agents are rude, impolite and unprofessional sounding.

2. automated system is horrible. It’s built like you aren’t supposed to reach a real person. (Note: I’d like to point out I’m familiar with how automated systems handle a larger amount of calls than call center agents actually do and without the automated system I’d probably have no chance of reaching a real person within 1 hour, let alone 2 or more. This is a matter of how long it takes you to get THROUGH the system and how it makes you – the customer – feel.)

3. Spent 3-4 hours on the phone to solve a problem.

4. It took 4 agents before I got someone who actually thought about the problem instead of just following a script.  The second person (after asking for the call to be escalated – not calling back) I talked to actually thought to tell me to call my phone company. (The first person tried to tell my there was nothing wrong with my DSL connection and that my router was my problem.)

5. Inconsistent tech. support practices. The first 2 people I talked to (a month ago) didn’t care if I had a router attached to the modem or not. The people today wanted to know OS, computers, how connected, router, how computer was connected, etc.

6. I specifically said that if Verizon FIOS was available in my area I would switch in a heart beat. (After pointing out I’m stuck with AT&T service for cell phone and Internet. I should also note our cable internet option is Time Warner but we don’t have TV cable so that would be stupid expensive.)


Calling AT&T about your DSL is as bad as calling DELL tech. support.


I’m taking a psych class about sexuality. One bit of information we just covered is Freud. Part of going over Freud is discussing the Oedipus Complex. It’s based on the Greek character of Oedipus. I should point out I’ve read the play Oedipus and I’m familiar with this literature character. According to Freud Oedipus desired his mother and therefore killed his father so he might take his mother for himself.

This annoys me. In the play Oedipus killed an unidentified man who he found out, much later on, was his father. He desired his mother as he would desire a woman. He didn’t know the woman was his mother. After he found out he killed his father and was “with” his mother… he blinded himself.

This is the first time I’ve heard the Oedipus Complex defined from the psych perspective and not from the literature perspective… at least in this detail. Freud is crazy. :p

Oh, and if I happen to be misunderstanding this, feel free to find a source and correct me.

Random: the search for the perfect purse

I guess if anyone reading this blog has any question of whether the writer (me!) is female… this will probably clear it up. Any question of whether or not I am indeed not the average female will probably also be cleared up.
I currently have a brown leather purse I purchased from a Wilson Leather Outlet. Well, today I switched back to the previous purse I was using. The Wilson leather purse has worn like shit and is beginning to look like shit. There appears to be some kind of double layer to the leather, something is wearing off the leather. There is where I point out I had a very nice leather purse from Wilson’s which I bought in a regular store. I used it for about 2 years before trashing it because one of my cats (who I had to give up not long after for a number of reasons) peed on it. Not really worth it to get a 60-70 dollar purse cleaned… easier to buy another purse.

The previous purse I switched back to is actually a faux leather/as in vinyl probably purse that came from Target. That purse has worn better than the Wilson’s purse!! Needless to say, even accounting for the fact that I bought it from an outlet, I’m very hesitant to purchase another purse from Wilson’s. Oh. I still have my leather wallet I bought when I bought my first Wilson’s purse. It’s holding up nicely!

My problem. I hate the current trend that has attacked purses/handbags/etc. Everything that I saw on Coach’s website looks like ass in some shape or form. I’ve looked at: Dillards, JC Penney’s, Target, Wilson’s and a number of other websites. Even places like I found out Fossil makes purses. I wanted to see if Bass still makes purses and if they have a website… but no luck there.

I did find a nice looking purse on LLBean’s website. But, it’s 150 bucks so I’m not going to just drop the cash on it. (Being the full time college student/part time self employed person that I am.) It guess it’s so difficult for me to find a purse/handbag I like because I prefer: leather, a shoulder strap, more than one pocket/or compartment because of what I always carry and a simple look.

Simple doesn’t describe any overpriced monstrosity that Coach is currently selling.


Finally! Finally!

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a new dryer. (The old one was basically one setting of everything and took loooooooooooong time to dry anything.) The new dryer has a stainless steel drum, the lint trap in the front (instead of from the top which I hate) and tons more controls and such. I have options besides high heat. I have options besides air drying all our shirts in a very small space or shrinking all our clothes on high heat!

And, luckily, I found the dryer we wanted on sale (online only) from Home Depot (though I wouldn’t suggest getting delivery from Home Depot cause they don’t do what they say) that was still cheaper AFTER the delivery charge. I think OP was a little amazed at how painless it was to have the dryer delivered. (They put a new cord, a new exhaust hose and checked to make sure it ran/heated up.) They also took away the old one.

So now I’m doing the laundry that’s been waiting for the new dryer. Specifically…the slipcover off the couch and the rugs in the kitchen. The new dryer even looks to be slightly smaller (like inch or two) than the old one.

Both washer and dryer are GE with stainless steel drums in ’em.

Odd spam email

Don’t you love those random, very odd, very strange, out of no where spam emails you get?Usually relating to sex for some reason…

Just got this on one of my email accounts:
Hi, ,ivxjkx

i will fullfill it,

I have loved you for so long,

….the email subject was “kinky games”

Going to Vista Ultimate 64

Asus PB5 Deluxe/Wifi-ap edition
4 gb of OCZ DDR2 ram/800 That’s 4 sticks
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Sound Card
Logitech keyboard – old style G-15 and Logitech mouse – MX Revolution
With an APC battery back up
basic DVD rom, basic floppy drive,
2 seagate hard drives, 300 gb each

In preparation of “upgrading” my desktop computer from Windows XP Pro to Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit I did this:

1. Added 2 more gig of ram to my system. Upgraded the 7950 GTS to a 8800 GT ( Both evga)

2. Backed up everything on an external hard drive. (had to buy it first. :p)

3. Checked Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor (which says Vista won’t run my 8800 GT).

4. Downloaded all drivers for my hardware in Vista 64 bit form that I could think to get. That includes both raid drivers available for my motherboard.

5. Googled vista and my motherboard to see if any problems arise with Vista installation and my hardware. Mostly concerned with raid drivers.

6. Updated the BIOS. Went into panic mode when the computer wouldn’t boot. Did some googling and discovered that the update changed the voltage on the memory so the computer *couldn’t* boot. Booted with 1 stick of ram (1 gig), reset system time in BIOS, everything ok. Added 1 stick back at a time to ensure no issue. There was no issue.

At the point of no turning back:

1. Deleted old RAID array. Then to BIOS, chanced SATA mode to AHCI from RAID(did I get those letters in the right order? :P). (Removed 2 gb of ram and disconnected a hard drive.) As computer started up I put in Vista disk. After windows was done “loading files” I popped in the floppy disk of the raid driver I wanted to use.

2. Vista install officially started. I didn’t enter product key since that can be entered later (uncheck the activate as soon as I’m online box). On the “where do you want to install Windows?” page I formated my OS partition at 60 gb (that’s also room for pictures and photoshop). Then formated the rest of that drive into its own partition. So that’s 2 partitions not including the hard drive that’s still disconnected.

3. Vista install (from there to actually “logging on” to my computer) took 1.5-2 hours? I wasn’t there for all of it, I was afk doing stuff around the apartment too. It may have taken less time.

4. At this point I ran Windows updates first. Started with security and other required updates, skipped most drivers at first. Skipped the update that was something like “ATK ACPI utility, dated Sept. of 06. This update might have f’ed up OP’s computer.) About 41 updates under Ultimate. Rebooted. No problems. I think at this point I shut it down and put back the 2 gb of ram and reconnected the second hard drive. 4 gb recognized on boot up. Formated the second hard drive via computer/disk manager in windows. (All 1 partition… and this may have taken longer than the initial Vista install.) Then installed video driver and rebooted. Then installed sound card stuff and rebooted. No problems.

5. At this point I finished up with drivers and other “necessary” things and actually worked on getting the installation done. About the only problem I ran into is that AI Suite doesn’t appear to be supported or compatible with Vista. I did have some issue when Windows installed the driver for the wifi.. but I’ve finally read the wifi is kinda crappy on my board and just disabled it. Problem solved.

6. Today is day 2 of all of this. Today I installed CS3 and finished patching games (and reinstalled Direct x 9). Only other weird things: my temperatures have been way off, every now and then. Examples: My motherboard/system temperature was showing at negative 98 degrees C. But it showed that way in BIOS so it could be a problem with the new BIOS, not Vista. The computer did not leave sleep mode very well…. and went into sleep mode when downloading as far as I can tell so it’s now set to never enter sleep mode. The temperature setting for my CPU randomly showed 80 degrees C today. Didn’t believe that either, was only messing with photoshop, wasn’t even in a game. Few minutes ago I got a “page fault in nonpaged area” blue screen when running Vanguard. Don’t know what that’s about, guess I’ll find out.

My system has a 5.3 rating based on Vista’s performance rating system. I think that’s it. All in all, I learned from my fiance’s mistakes (referring to preparation) and the installation seemed to go fairly painlessly.