Currently on my “reading this” pile:

In no particular order:

Amusing Ourselves to Death by: Neil Postman

The Age of Abundance: How Prosperity Transformed America’s Politics and Culture by: Brink Lindsey

ORCS by: Stan Nicholls (technically an omnibus of his ORCS trilogy)

The Economics of Public Issues (Fifteenth Edition) by: R. L. Miller, D. K. Benjamin, D. C. North

Decision at Doona by: Anne McCaffrey (going to finish this tonight, it’s short)

Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe by: Graham Allison (reading for school, but I’m actually reading it and finding it interesting so I include it here)

To be continued when I finish something above:

The Sociological Imagination by: C. Wright Mills

Dragon Champion (Book 1 of The Age of Fire) by: E. E. Knight

And books just recently purchased that I’ve been looking forward to having and reading:

Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations by: Clay Shirky

Categorically Unequal: The American Stratification System by: Douglas S. Massey

There’s a reason why I didn’t make it a numbered list.

Fall With Honor by EE Knight

So, finished it. It’s the latest book (seventh) in the Vampire Earth series by EE Knight. Finally! Why must it be so damn hard (near impossible) to read fun stuff while in mid-semester? Anyways. I enjoyed this. There might have been more internal dialogue type stuff and there should have been more of Smoke. That’s not to say more internal type stuff was bad. But, dammit! The ending that wasn’t an ending…. arg! It makes me wonder why this book was so short. And makes me wonder what the hell is going to happen in the next book.

The next book cannot come out soon enough! (And part of me wonders if this is part of his evil little plan to get more people to buy the next book in hardback! :p) It’s called Winter Duty. Well ok… the title gives me ideas even.

Also, I swear EE Knight plays scrabble. Swear it!

There’s going to be more!! (Kushiel’s Legacy)

Mercy Wraps Kushiel Series

Best-selling fantasy author Jacqueline Carey told SCI FI Wire that her latest novel, Kushiel’s Mercy, is the sixth volume in the Kushiel’s Legacy series, which concludes the adventures of the ill-starred prince Imriel de la Courcel.

“When I set out to write the Kushiel’s Legacy series, I wanted to write epic fantasy novels that were lush with intrigue, religion, romance and sex,” Carey said in an interview. “Some elements had an obvious genesis, like the central setting, which was inspired by a trip to Provence. Others came from anywhere and everywhere: a love of history and a lifelong fascination with mythology, the swashbuckling fun of Alexandre Dumas’ novels, a very vivid dream.”

In Kushiel’s Mercy, Imriel, having avenged the death of his wife, returns home to find Terre d’Ange torn apart by his love affair with the Queen’s heir, Sidonie. “When the lovers declare their desire to wed, the Queen decrees that she will give her blessing under one condition: Imriel must find his mother, the infamous Melisande, and bring her home to be executed for treason,” Carey said. “However, a gathering threat looms on the horizon in the ambitions of a ruthless Carthaginian general, and unfolding events take an unexpected turn that changes the very nature of Imriel’s quest.”

Carey said that while she can’t directly relate to her characters–she’s never been a prince with a tortured past and a star-crossed love–she is telling stories about people she wishes existed. “Too often in fantasy, tragic events take place and are swiftly forgotten with no lingering psychological ramifications as the plot moves onward,” Carey said. “Conversely, one can run the risk of wallowing in angst if one dwells too long. Over the course of Imriel’s journey, I tried to find a middle path.”

When asked if this is truly the end of the series Carey says the answer is both yes and no. “I’m working on a new trilogy set in the same milieu,” she said. “It takes place several generations later and features a new cast of characters. Naamah’s Gift is the working title of the first book, and it will likely be out in 2009. I know some fans are reluctant to say goodbye to beloved and familiar characters, but I think it’s time to let them pass gracefully into legend and begin a whole new adventure.” —John Joseph Adams

from Sci Fi Wire

Why did she talk to Sci Fi Channel? That seems kind of weird. But, regardless. She’s writing more books in the same world! As much as I’d end up missing the original characters it wouldn’t be an issue. I was thinking I’d miss Phedre as the main character when she started the books about Imriel. Then I fell in love with Imriel too. This woman just knows how to write characters, that’s all there is to it. Maybe her next book will be more intersting for guys too. Everyone I know who likes who books is female… and guys label them as “chic books.”


I’d must rather finish reading this book and continue with this book, than read this* book.

Also, my opinion of E.E.Knight increased after we found his Livejournal. Not because it’s Livejournal but because of the content! Like he’s willing to post negative reviews about his books. That speaks volumes.
*must be read for the class I’m taking this summer. It’s a required class. I’m figuring taking it within 5 weeks instead of a full fall semester will drive me insane a little less. I’m probably wrong.

How do I not have a “books” category?! How has this gone on for this long?! Did I already have a books category or did I not pay enough attention to WordPress? hmm.

The Two-Income Trap

The Two-Income Trap; Why Middle-Class Parents are going Broke

by: Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi

The last chapter of the book is called “The Financial Fire Drill.” The authors point out that personal finance help books don’t talk about risks. One parent vs. Two parent families have different risks… and this must be taken into consideration.

1. Can your family survive without one income?

– It’s possible someone can get fired, lose a job because of medical problems, get laid off because their job is moved overseas, etc.
2. Can you downshift the fixed expenses?
– If you eliminate all the treats like eating out so you can pay on your debts, what do you do when you can’t even afford your debts let alone eating out? The fixed costs need lowered… This is where the authors suggest things like waiting to make large purchases.
3. What is your emergency back up plan?
– This is where worry/what ifs are discussed… What do you do if someone loses their job?

The authors also point out some things might look like they help, but probably won’t. Credit insurance being one of those things.

There’s also advice if “the house is already on fire,” which includes advice on how to survive paying off bills when the bills are more than the money coming in… There’s some interesting statistics included too. Like, based upon a 2000 statistic of divorce, more children will live through a bankruptcy than a divorce.

That might make you wonder the next time a politician explains themselves as doing something for the children, or trying to help American families.