HP doesn’t trust their customers

So I bought a brand new (from amazon.com) HP P1006 LaserJet printer back in February because my first HP LaserJet printer suddenly stopped printing. It turned on, but that’s about it. The printer I bought back in February stopped turning on this week. Digging around on HPs website I found I had a 1 year warranty since I had registered my printer.

I played email tag for a few days, making the Indian* on the other end realize that I had troubleshooted everything and it wasn’t the outlet, it was the printer. So next I get a new cord shipped to me because maybe it’s the cord. Cord comes pretty quick. But, it was shipped by Fed Ex so that means it was left at my front door and I’m lucky I got it.

Cord didn’t fix anything. No I wasn’t surprised. More emails. Then I have to wait for a call before I can get my printer. Yay! Talking on the phone with an easily confused Indian*! So much fun! I find out HP will send me a new printer and by new I mean refurbished. And, I have to send the old one back. Ok, that’s standard-ish. Then I find out I need to provide my credit card info in case I don’t send the old printer back they will charge me for the new one.

179.00 for a refurbished printer. Right. Oh and the 1 year warranty? It turns into a 90 day warranty (or the rest of the 1 year warranty, whatever ends first).


So assuming Fed Ex doesn’t fuck up anything I get a “new” HP printer. (I had an APC battery backup replaced once, the Fed Ex delivery person didn’t bother knocking on my door, he tossed it over the banister of my patio. I know this because I was home at the time.) At the end of the call I was asked if there was anything else HP could do. I said “don’t outsource their customer service.” The person I was talking to was very confused.

I should add I maybe had the chance to get a new printer instead of a refurbished one but it would have taken at least one more phone call with at least one more confused outsourced Indian. I didn’t want to deal with that. (Ever called DELL?) And I don’t have to pay to ship the old one back; supposedly I’ll be getting the appropriate labels.

I’ll probably never buy another HP printer. Even though HP printers are pretty damn nice.

*When I say Indian I mean poorly trained person with poor English stuck working for a foreign company in a customer service call center shit hole who happens to also have an Indian accent and based on when he/she replies to my emails also lives on the other side of the planet.  (Can you tell I worked in a call center?)

gah. forgot a few things. There is one other option, don’t get anything low end from HP anymore. Like DELL’s business customer service is better than their personal/residential/regular people. Also, I can dispute charges with my credit card if necessary. I made sure to provide a credit card and NOT the debit/visa card/bank card. Also, I maybe should have bought the printer through newegg. Or look at RMA options with newegg before deciding where to buy my next printer.

Calling the credit card company…

So, I had a credit card that was run by a big big credit card company that starts with H. and ends with S. B. C. They decided to close it out because of inactivity.

So I called to find out why. (No, I don’t have this verbatim anymore… just enough for the jist of it all.)

The automated system told me my account was closed but still gave me payment information options…

Once I got a live person I asked why the account got closed. I was told because of inactivity, once accounts are inactive for more than 4 months they are closed, and the last transaction on my account was August 08. So I say again, why. And I’m told this is specifically in the membership agreement. The membership agreement says four months of inactivity leads to account being closed… or something similar.

So I’m thinking, ok, I wonder when this got added to the “membership agreement.” So I ask, when was this added. She’s confused at first as to what my question is.. so I point out I know the membership agreement can be changed at any time thanks to the other notice I got about how my cash advance limit was changing. She says the membership agreement only says the account can be closed for inactivity. Nothing about time period. After telling me different.  She does tell me the membership agreement was last updated April 08.

So, while a complete waste of time, the phone call does tell me one thing. While it’s annoying to now have only 1 credit card (what if that one gets hosed by the recession as well?), losing this card is definitely not a loss.