I’ve been feeling like maybe I’m finally kicking the depression that creeped in when I was job searching at the beginning of the year. I need to remember a depression lies…. Even if it’s just seemingly harmless things it whispers… Like you’re too tired to do anything. Maybe I’ll find the energy to start updating this here blog more often – with more than random musings and rambles.

Job helped, obviously. Seeing the Roger Waters concert too. Gaining weight on steroids because of a super bad sinus infection did not help. Neither did our cat dying. Hub getting a raise helps too. Anyways, been lots of back and forth, up and down, with a little sideways these last few months.

When back from Memorial Day weekend I’ll have survived my first 90 days at the job that isn’t my first choice but that I could do much worse than. And I had the idea of investigating whether the company I work for that wants to get more involved in giving back to the community would be interested in awards grants to nonprofits instead of just cutting checks. That could make my job more interesting for what I’m interested and passionate about.

This long weekend should be good for me (us) too. We actually watched a movie last night. And maybe I’ll get around to doing my nails. It is a pretty safe assumption I’ll finish a pair of socks this weekend! I’ll think I’ll start another pair too.

This job thing…

… really interferes with the time I can spend playing computer games, and well, life! Go figure I manage to upgrade my video card and make Skyrim playable my first weekend being employed.

I’m figuring once things calm down and aren’t so crazy at work and we aren’t waiting for the access we need to licensed software so as to do our jobs – I’ll have more free time in my brain. I’m still managing knitting which is awesome. It’s just not quite as much as I’d like; but that’s the way things work, usually.

Want to get back to reading regularly as well. I’ve read an amazingly LOW level of books so far this year. I’m 1/4-1/3 through Anathem which I ended up buying on kindle so I can read it in bed and not hurt myself. But hey that is partly due to reading comics. Comics count for reading too! Guess I could make a post of the new comics I’m reading – the as they come out every week/month variety.

This job thing is good for one thing though! Well, two things. Or three? Getting out of the house regularly is actually nice. Seeing/interacting with more people is useful and not always obnoxious. Anyways, I was getting to… money. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy more yarn! And ways to wind that yarn into balls so you can more easily knit that yarn into happy things!

In a month or so I’m going to see about buying yarn for some new and interesting projects. This shawl and a BSJ. After I finish something, maybe the shawl I’m working on to have at work. I’ll start one of those new and interesting projects.


It occurs to me I need a new list of how many things I have in progress….and what I have planned as well. Being sick and the end of the semester have really screwed up my knitting mojo.

Food and allergies

I don’t know why I just decided to make this list. Kinda depressing really. I’m planning on getting new allergy testing done… soon.

Things I cannot eat because they will cause pain/distress/problems – either intolerance or allergy.
1. shellfish (I miss crab)
2. salt water fish (and sushi)
3. fresh water fish (I can manage some kinds of fresh water fish – but I have to be up to trying fate)
4. walnuts
5. peanuts
6. MSG
7. lactose (intolerance)
8. fatty/greasy beef (intolerance?)

Migraine triggers – things I completely avoid or eat sparingly
1. wine
2. aged cheese (eat sparingly – aged cheese is low in lactose)
3. nuts
4. MSG
5. processed meats – like regular/cured deli meat (uncured bacon is scrumptious)

Other things that I haven’t proven give me problems or that I avoid to be safe
1. too much garlic
2. canned tuna
3. a lot of ranch dressing (good chance of MSG)
4. Asian buffets
5. strong chemicals – lysol to paint fumes to strong bath soap

Things I’m allergic to – varying levels of severity
1. cats
2. dogs
3. dust and dust mites
4. roaches
5. tobacco
6. grass and tree pollen

I’m not allergic to ragweed! or wasn’t when I was last tested years ago.

Bell curve go boom

**This is in no way a statement regarding vaccinations being bad or . It is me venting about my crazy allergic reaction and recovering from it.**

Sometimes breaking the bell curve is damned annoying.

I received a tetanus booster shot like 3 weeks ago while I was at the doctor to get some help for my re-injured, injured knee. Got a prescription strength NSAID. Had asthmatic reaction. Got over that. Few more days passed. Realized my tetanus booster shot wasn’t normal. Swollen hot arm. The nurse with cold hands was touching my arm like she was holding her hand near a heater. Go back to the doctor. Find out that office gives 10-20 booster shots a day and a few times a year someone comes in with a reaction like mine. Well. Fuck. Glad to know I’m not crazy. But. Fuck.

Got antibiotic and steroid. Then I switched over to taking benadryl to better control the allergic reaction. Fast forward a few days. Slowly but surely I got better. Steroids brought down the swelling almost immediately. Benadryl stopped the itchy nicely but I had to stay on benadryl every 4-5 hours initially. Skin in my arm looked funky. Like a weird sunburn or something. Suffered from steroid intake side effects. Got done with the steroids (5 days total) and suffered from major bad withdrawal symptoms. 2 more days of antibiotics. (yay probiotics!) Turns out the steroids were also messing with my stomach….not really the antibiotics. Got past the withdrawal symptoms. Arm slowly, very slowly, healing, recovering.

Fast forward to this week. There is still an itty bitty knot in my arm from the booster shot. Skin on my arm still looks weird. I’m sleeping 10ish hours a night as often as possible cause my body is just wanting/needing/craving sleep. Thank the gods I’m an unemployed college student and did this in the summer break. In 3 weeks I’ve dealt with:

1. reacting to a tetanus booster shot
2. reacting to a tetanus booster shot – as in whatever I was allergic to
3. reacting to NSAID – asthma
4. reacting to antibiotic
5. reacting to steroid intake
6. reacting to steroid withdrawal
7. lack of sleep from taking antibiotics every 8 hours and the steroids




me: *looking at phone in car* Oh look, a network named yomomma.

husband: I saw a network called “black hole.”

me: hah. that’s cool…and appropriate. “Yomomma” is so… *snort* … overused.

husband: *noise of agreement"*

me: *pause* pun not intended *chuckle*

husband: oh. that’s bad. *snort* very bad.


I thought I was going to post on this more over the summer. I see that’s not working out so well. But hey, summer isn’t over. I noticed in past few days I think I’m finally feeling decompressed from the stress of the spring semester. That explains why winter break between semesters never seems long enough…since it’s been about a month since I finished up spring semester.


I’ve now seen needlefelting thanks to etsy mostly. Interesting. Looks like fun. Looks like lots of fun. You could create all kinds of cute fuzzy things. But. I’m not starting it! I’m not gonna have another hobby besides knitting (and everything else). I’d have to give up sleep and that’s impossible.

Besides, it’d probably turn into making cat toys and my cats do. no. need. more. toys.


I’d like to say new look for a new year and I intended to do this… but yea, not so much.

I’m attempting to focus a little more on different things in my free time, like knitting, and reading, and writing here.

Though, it might be more video games, since it seems this has been a computer game Christmas for me and the other half. We have soo many games now!

I need to find a MAC app I like for blogging.

fun with AT&T

I hate AT&T. But, they are the lesser of multiple evils when considering the options, the phones available and what you can do with your phone. (Verizon locks down their phones more than AT&T, otherwise I’d switch to Verizon. Probably.)

My husband and I have 2 PDA/smart phones/etc phones with unlimited data. Until today he had 200 texts/month and I had unlimited texts a month. We had old plans they don’t offer anymore. To get unlimited texts on his line I had to get family plan unlimited texts. The rep told me my bill is going to increase about 25 bucks. (She was nice by the way.)

Because I have old plans not offered anymore.

The supervisor I talked to after her to complain about how AT&T treats their customers in general seemed to think I was saving money. He told me the old line by line for unlimited texts was 20 bucks each. Well, if that’s the case how would my bill increase by 25 bucks? (I’d be adding 1 20 buck charge…)

And his best guess as to why text messaging now costs more is because of the national inflation rate. Sooooo AT&T can charge more for text messages because of inflation. Right.

It got fun when he tried to tell me I was having trouble adjusting to the new charges. Riiiiiiiight. After trying to apologize. Why are you trying to apologize when you can’t change anything? That’s when I decided to get off the phone. Cell phone companies seem to exist in a slightly different reality.

And, on a side note. When did mute turn into hold? The rep told me she was putting me on hold but I’d still be able to hear her. That’s not hold, that’s mute. And when I worked in the call center business mute was BAD. Also, last I knew, mute buttons were not 100% guaranteed to actually work. Maybe AT&T has awesome something or other…

So, AT&T = Time Warner. One more corporation that has monopolistic characteristics that someone needs to do something about that will probably keep getting worse.

Calling the credit card company…

So, I had a credit card that was run by a big big credit card company that starts with H. and ends with S. B. C. They decided to close it out because of inactivity.

So I called to find out why. (No, I don’t have this verbatim anymore… just enough for the jist of it all.)

The automated system told me my account was closed but still gave me payment information options…

Once I got a live person I asked why the account got closed. I was told because of inactivity, once accounts are inactive for more than 4 months they are closed, and the last transaction on my account was August 08. So I say again, why. And I’m told this is specifically in the membership agreement. The membership agreement says four months of inactivity leads to account being closed… or something similar.

So I’m thinking, ok, I wonder when this got added to the “membership agreement.” So I ask, when was this added. She’s confused at first as to what my question is.. so I point out I know the membership agreement can be changed at any time thanks to the other notice I got about how my cash advance limit was changing. She says the membership agreement only says the account can be closed for inactivity. Nothing about time period. After telling me different.  She does tell me the membership agreement was last updated April 08.

So, while a complete waste of time, the phone call does tell me one thing. While it’s annoying to now have only 1 credit card (what if that one gets hosed by the recession as well?), losing this card is definitely not a loss.

Recipe: Pasta sauce with [MEAT] and [PASTA]

1 lb meat of your choice (we have used ground bison, chicken tenders, ground italian sausage, and various forms of link sausage)
1/2 medium onion (red or yellow) chopped
2 stalks celery chopped
2 medium carrots chopped
1 bunch of asparagus with the tough ends trimmed off (about a pound)
2 jars pasta sauce (our favorite brand is Blumetti’s, but any brand that doesn’t have water in it, or at least doesn’t have water as first ingredient will work)
1 package pasta (we typically use whole wheat pasta, either spaghetti, linguine, or penne lately)
1-6 cloves garlic (cook with the onion, carrot and celery)
dried oregano
dried basil
grated parmesan

* Cook the meat and set aside (I slice the chicken tenders into small bits before cooking, and typically will boil the link sausages and then slice them, otherwise just brown the ground meat, ground meat or chicken is usually seasoned with garlic salt and pepper)
* Place a small amount of oil in a saute pan (pan choice is really up to you) and heat it over medium heat, then add the onion, carrots, and celery, and cook until soft (few minutes at most)
* Add the asparagus to the onion, carrot, celery mixture, and cook for a minute or two (this is optional)
* Combine meat, veggies, and sauce in a large pan (I prefer to use a pan that will also accomodate the pasta once it is cooked)
* Bring mixture to a simmer, and let it simmer for however long you want, the longer the better (I try to at least give it 30 minutes)
* I add dried oregano, basil, and/or grated parmesan to the sauce depending on what I feel like and what kind I have (cheaper sauce I am more likely to doctor)
* Cook pasta according to directions
* Add drained pasta to sauce, mix well, serve, and enjoy

Note: This isn’t my recipe. This is my husband’s recipe. Honestly, he’s a better cook than I am because he likes to cook. I can cook and cook well enough, I’m out of practice at this point though. (He’s been cooking while I’m in school so I have more time for things like homework and other household chores.) Cooking I do is usually limited to baking and my own mother’s recipes. That being said, this is a very reliable recipe that will do better with better quality foods. We’ve had it bomb with less than good spaghetti sauce and asparagus is excellent in spaghetti sauce.

Happy Merry Holiday-Day (with update)

Happy Groundhog’s Day… or Happy <del>Lammas</del>.

So, I’m an idiot. I called February 2nd Lammas. It’s not. It’s Imbolc (or other many many names). Silly me, or something. Lammas is August 1st/2nd. That’s on Wikipedia too.