Plants in pots

I reset/repotted the aloe in the bucket to assist with its recovery after it freezing. There’s a pot with catnip seeds in it. There’s a smaller pot with basil seeds in it. One of the spider plants is a loss so I put the pot outside. The other one is still hanging on.

I transplanted the last aloe shoot that was with the aloe-in-the-bucket. I now have 5 aloe plants. I’ve noticed keeping the shoots in small pots seems to limit them to that pot. There’s one really nice looking small aloe that’s doing quite well at the kitchen sink/window. No more transplanting of aloe shoots, unless I can give them away.

I sprayed some water/vinegar mix on the daisy, the lavender, and the still-hanging-on spider plant since I seem to have bugs around those.

We’ll see how stuff goes. I’m not sure it’s warm enough to have the catnip seeds outside but they are also seeds from last season. Does that matter?

Hopefully the basil will start growing and then I can start something else from seed. I’m not starting multiple things in multiple small pots and then not knowing which is which. That’s silly.

I might give up on spider plants and just keep pots of cat grass continually. We’ll have to see. I still need to situate/reorganize the patio but I’d prefer it to be warmer first.

New president

This is the first time ever… and not because I’m too young… that I’ve actually been looking forward to seeing a new president take the oath of office.

Bullshit (with update)

Are you a gamer? Do you enjoy D&D games in any shape or form? Do you read OOTS? (If you know D&D and don’t read OOTS, you should.) Do you donate to charities? Anyways… if you answered yes to all of these. Don’t contribute to this charity anymore. The just mentioned charity refused the money raised during GenCon 2008 because it was partly raised through the selling of horrible, evil, scary D&D materials.

Simply based on the prevalency of the Internet, video games, computer games, and, well, who knows what else, this is stupid. Especially when it’s money for starving children. This is, bullshit. I can’t hope this charity doesn’t receive less money since they help starving children, but I do have to wonder whether other charities that help starving children deserve the money more. There does definitely seem to be similar charities that work more efficiently.

Originally found most of this, here.

Update (November 6, 2008) found here (same place as original here from above)

Buying a new car

It turns out now is a tough time to buy a hybrid for a number of reasons. The Civic Hybrid might be too small for you. The Prius is a little funny shaped (OP and I couldn’t see the hood/front of the car). Any of the other hybrids were either out of our price range, or not worth the name. An Escape Hybrid is silly IMO. Also why buy a current generation hybrid, like the Prius, when supply cannot meet demand and salesman are basically telling you they don’t have to offer deals on these cars, they can even jack up the price if they want? And, then there’s the fact that new Priuses are coming out beginning next year.

I also have to say the Scion xB (the new and redesigned “box”) has been ruined on the inside by the monster center console. I didn’t like the Honda Accord sedan and had too many misgivings about the Honda Accord Coupe. He likes the Honda Accord Coupe.

We also test drove a VW Rabbit. Him first. Me second, a few days later. It took him a little while to realized he liked the Rabbit and liked a lot of things about the Rabbit. He really wanted the Accord Coupe at first – which was funny looking and had a poorly organized dash and horrible back seat. Besides the cosmetics, the Rabbit has a better warranty and nicer safety features or features in general – like the full size spare and the 10 speaker sound system.

So, we decided on the Rabbit. We aren’t going to buy the car for like another month… but we’d both like to get it done and over with. Also, the VW dealership was the only dealership we didn’t have a bad experience.