Photoshopping in the wild

Maybe it’s me, but I doubt it. (Wow two blog posts in two days!!!)  I was on target dot com this morning checking on the status of an order and ran into a picture of women in bathing suits on the home page. My first thought was something along the lines of Oh Look! Bathing suits ALREADY. My second thought went something like this: Wow. That MUST be photoshopped. It’s kind of….unnatural. 

I took a screenshot of the image in question and highlighted the area in question. In my opinion that has to be photoshopped because no one looks like that. Notice how her figure is almost a vertical straight line? Everyone has curves, especially there. Her ribs under her breast line even look funny. Basically from the underside of her arm the whole way past her hip looks ‘off’.

This is a prime example of how touched up photographs/images/pictures are everywhere and we might not even notice – unless we stop and think about how human anatomy works. This is difficult to do when we are inundated with such images so often, so many times a day.

target dot com photoshop

Flickr, photoshop and blogging

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I’ve been productive recently. Learned more of flickr, learned more of photoshop… and that was just some fun stuff.

Mother of all aloe plants.

(Testing, testing, testing blogging from flickr.)

(and now from wordpress) This seems to work well enough. Sadly… more proof (at least from Firefox) that there is something wrong with this theme.

Update: Saturday afternoon (that is 12/22)

So I have switched back to the theme I had before the last one… I think this one will stay.

Been playing with Photoshop today

I have CS3 and want to learn Photoshop… all those awesome things people do… I want to do that.

I did the “Hey, what’s this button do?” *click* “What about this?” *click* … you get the idea.

I figured out Layer > New Adjustment Layer and then Change Layer Content > Color Balance for some neat effects…. (Or at least I think.) I need to read some of the Photoshop book to understand colors a little better.


01018_neutronrevolver_.jpg Was the original image I started with. (I don’t remember where exactly I found it.. a place with free wallpapers?)

Then: 01018_neutronrevolver__in-bw.jpg

Then: 01018_neutronrevolver__purple.jpg

It’s not all that special… but it’s me definitely becoming a little more comfortable with Photoshop. And of course it’s a way for me to mess with uploading pictures on wordpress.

And I’ll need to figure out why wordpress won’t let me add categories now…