Today Recovery, Tomorrow Writing

Today I’m wearing a knit wool hat even though it’s 70 in here (and rising) and my head has menthol on it. The migraine is down but the nerves are still twingy AND I woke up an hour and half later than normal. I’m so stiff but I’m not sure I’ll be able to stretch today either.

Tomorrow Camp NaNoWriMo starts. I’m aiming to write some poetry. I’ve already done some minor brainstorming and set aside a notebook. I draft poetry better on paper. I’ve also got a book on types of poetry. I’m hoping to test my abilities and learn some things this month. I think I’ll plan on a novel for the next round of Camp NaNoWriMo, depending on what’s going on.

In preparation, I have printed out some signs to hang around the house. These kinds of images still amuse me.

Both found on the Internet – searched google for you should be writing Neil Gaiman pictures.

I’m hoping poetry written on paper, as compared to a novel in Scrivener, will make it easier to write even when I’m in doctor’s waiting rooms. I’ve got three doctor appointments and one lumbar puncture in the month of April. Here’s hoping the lumbar puncture does not cause me any headaches or leave me recovering flat on my back.

In other news, I’ve found decaf coffee I can drink with no unfortunate effects. I didn’t have coffee for last November’s NaNoWriMo.


you should be writing


Writing Prompt: Poetry

She looked at the crystal goblet and the dark liquid it contained.
She pursed her ruby lips, wondering.
The thin goblet sparkled in the light,
but the liquid within was so dark to be almost black.
They had been told to drink.
She tucked her long blond hair behind her left ear, staring.

He tried to ignore the metal chalice,
glancing around the room he saw riches.
The two women sitting in the room with him seemed to be ignoring him.
He did –
not understand.
He wondered if the goblets were the puzzle.
He wondered why the room had no windows. He smoothed his hands down his silk tunic.
He stood up so fast his chair fell to the floor.
The two women flinched at the noise and he started to pace.

She picked up the simple glass vessel,
examining, wondering, and
debating. She felt overwhelmed. She did not fit in.
She wanted out of this room. She looked up at the woman and man sitting at the table with him but then,
quickly she looked down to her lap.
She picked at the loose thread in her simple dress but then looked back at the goblet in front of her.
The simple glass goblet was light weight but hard to hold.
The drink contained within was light but not like water.
For the first time, she looked to the woman at her left and the man at her right.
(When had he sat down again?)

They drank.

Not really great, but I did it. Prompt found here.