My DFW Fiber Fest 2018 haul

Last year I didn’t go because of how much yarn I purchased in 2016. I almost didn’t go this year except that the small businesses who attend conventions/shows/fests like this, usually have some kind of limited supply thing. This year, instead of posting a bunch of random pictures on social media I decided to write up a blog post! This means I’m adding project information too. Side note: I recommend attending something like this with a plan.


Obligatory? picture of the pamphlet which includes information the classes I can’t attend because it’s too far from home and I’d have too much issues with pain.

Some more bags that I probably don’t need but look at the designs!!!! The first is from Diana Couture. I’m definitely a fan. The little red bag is by Grace’s Cases. I happened to buy one of her bags online and then accidentally learned she was at the show. If you like smooth tops to your project bags, check out her sacks.


That little baby zipper bag is for stitch markers and it would work for coins too.
(Also from Grace’s Cases.) I plan to use this teal gradient set for some sort of crescent shaped shawl. Unfamiliar with the yarn and can’t remember where I got it besides a place out of Colorado, but it filled the hole in my stash for a nice single color gradient.


And some self striping yarn from Brazen Stitchery. Socks or mitts, undecided for now.


And some specific planned projects:


This pair of yarn carnival on the left is a gray and sorta mother of pearl and I plan to make this shawl out of it. The pair of yarn carnival on the left is for a color work cowl. I started a color work scarf and it blew up my brain after the first row. I’m hoping the cowl will be some good learning.  The purple will be the dragon.

And then I made 2 sets of half skeins from Lazy Cat Yarns for some smaller striped shawls. (How cool is half skeins of fingering weight? Right?) One is for Milky Way and one is for Intergalactic.


And I’ll end with the single skeins I bought. The first one is inspired by blue bonnet flowers and will be paired with simple black to make this shawl. It’s by Destination Yarns and it’s smooshy!


This next skein is by Leon Alexander and the picture doesn’t do it justice. Don’t miss the green in there. I’m currently trying it out in this zig zaggy shawl scarf thing. Their yarn is amazing and bright.


And last, a yarn that’s new to me and a color I usually don’t go for. It hasn’t told me what it wants to be when it grows up. They had so many different colors and I hope they update their online store on a regular basis. I must keep an eye.


And then two weeks after we were at DFW Fiberfest I bought some yarn from yarn dot com to finish out for a sweater. So many projects, so little time.

Things to do with old T-shirts

Otherwise known as: ways to turn t-shirts into something useful but who knows when I’ll have the time since I have so much to knit.

This is a list of things to do with old t-shirts that are still in good condition. No holes, awful stains, or badly worn designs. These are shirts you have decided to not donate to a charity. Final requirement: No side seams on any t-shirt. I have a lot of t-shirts that are now too big but they have fun designs on them!

First is a really well done youtube video of how to make t-shirt yarn – in one strand. She uses a rotary cutter/ruler/cutting safe surface and after cutting up one t-shirt by hand I went ahead and ordered this set. There is a ton of youtube videos all about this and then what you can do with said yarn. Someone also shared a way to “tie together” t-shirt yarn without having to make a knot. I’ll look for that later if I can’t remember it.

I’m wondering if I can knit a blanket or rug with said yarn, but I might need to remember how to crochet instead since that might be easier?

There is also a thing called a ‘bento bag’ that I just recently learned about. It looks quite handy for small items. Here’s a site where you can buy said bags in different sizes and fabrics, which makes me wonder if I shouldn’t try to use t-shirt material to make one. And here’s a link for a tutorial to make one but since I’m still not very good at getting the sewing machine to sew in a straight line I might want to hold off? Or just use this as practice! Here’s a second tutorial link for bento bags that looks slightly less confusing.

Another tutorial link and this is super easy though a not very pretty t-shirt tote bag. This looks useful as a shopping/grocery bag. (Link goes to page 6 of the tutorial because there’s a finished product picture.) I’d still like to find another tutorial/pattern for making larger bags from t-shirts that will make a nicer/better quality final product, more sewing is ok but that’s going to take even more sifting through Google search results.

And last thing. There are tons and tons and tons of t-shirt quilt walk-throughs, tutorials, and instructions. You get even more options if you add “for beginners” or “for dummies” to your Google search. I found one that’s fairly straightforward and skips a few “steps” for what might be a more traditional looking quilt. I really do hope I can manage to make this one, I even already have fabric that should be great for the backing – only had it for over a decade!

There’s lots more things you can do with old t-shirts, I’m sure, especially with the Internet. I didn’t look anywhere on pinterest after all. (Shock! I know. I just don’t like pinterest much.)

Simple Garter Stitch Baby Blanket

This is sort of a summary of a relatively simple garter stitch striped blanket that I made for my niece (in-law) who’s having her first baby (a girl) – probably this week. I picked colors to not be particularly girly because that seemed better.

There’s probably a million of these posted on Ravelry. I just wanted to summarize what I did and what yarn and needles I used.

baby blanket with cat


I used Caron Simply Soft Yarn and a #8 circular knitting needle.

At first I was making the stripes 6 inches wide but then I realized I was varying just a little so I started counting ridges instead. (Ridges comes from Elizabeth Zimmerman. One ridge is 2 rows and super easy to count.) I ended up with 24 ridges per color/stripe.

Before blocking (washing and drying cause it’s Caron Simply Soft after all) I ended up with a blanket that’s roughly 36 inches square.

This gives you a simple garter stitch blanket that isn’t mind-numbingly boring. It’s also more interesting because you end up with diagonal stripes. I did it while watching Netflix mostly.

CO on 8 stitches
Knit 3 rows


Slip 1, Knit 3, YO, knit rest of row (turn)


Once you reach halfway then start decreasing. That was one stripe repeat for me because I did really wide stripes.


Slip 1, knit 2, K2tog, YO, K2tog, knit rest of row (turn)


*Remember to stop the last stripe a little sooner so you can knit the 3 rows and cast off at the end. Knitting at the beginning and end lets you keep that border around the whole edge.

baby blanket 1
baby blanket 2