Was surprised to get it today….

The guy gave me some BS answer to the no support for multiple partitions thing. He mentioned system restore (but not quite by those words) … he used words like take image of hard drive. I never got a chance/got the answer to the question of whether or not he’s referring to a Microsoft product or a DELL product. If it’s a DELL product… null and void for me since I had to wipe the whole drive.

I pointed out I’ve never had a DELL tech support person refer me to downloads/drivers online. Never. He apologized and all that. Told me people do access the DELL support website. (Well, duh!) I said I’d be pretty stupid to think otherwise. Also pointed out DELL is trying to keep their customers stupid. (Probably should have said ignorant.)

Asked if DELL supports the “Upgrade Anytime” option on Vista. After confirming that he is familiar with Vista and the Upgrade Anytime option. He said yes, DELL does support it….. Then a minute later said no, they don’t, only if you buy it with the laptop.

He specifically said DELL is hardware support, not software support. Ok. That makes sense, that was nice and clear. However, that’s where we go back to the driver thing. When I called yesterday I needed hardware support. (I didn’t know if I could shut off my laptop without doing something else.) Drivers are related to hardware support… but nothing about drivers from anyone. My issues with Ultimate installation could have been because of newer drivers being out. (I have no way of knowing for sure except for trying Ultimate upgrade again… which I can’t bring myself to do just yet.)

Sooooo, I had to damn near argue with him… but after the yes then no answer I said I want someone above him. He obviously can’t keep his story straight so I need to go higher to get the information I want. He said he would escalate the call to “corporate.” He didn’t know when I’d receive a call, but should be next week. He did specifically say I’d receive a call from someone in the US. (I asked.)

I’ll probably need to be a little more careful the next time around. The next person I talk to might have actual experience with escalated calls. (chuckle)

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  1. Do you realize you are one of the only people posting this issue on the net, at least from what Google was able to find for me…. and we had the exact same issue within 2 days of each other… really bizarre.

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