I started playing Vanguard: Saga of Heroes again. Mostly because it’s semester break. Partly because I wanted to see how the game had changed since I had played it during beta and shortly after release. (It’s better in many, many ways.) Also, I just learned the joy and power of alt+print screen.

Anyways…I finished a quest (like you do in MMOs) and got a new weapon. Now my high elf ranger has long swords that hold up her boobies!!


(I cropped down the picture a bit… make it easier to upload, easier to view, etc.)

3 thoughts on “This might be silly

  1. Nice. I played during Beta and paid the big bucks for the Guild version and found the game impossible to play. It broke my heart as I had been looking forward to it for so long. Maybe I’ll give it another chance now…. Thanks for the post

  2. If you played during BETA and liked any part of the game… then I’d give it another try for a month…. or while they are letting people with old accounts reactivate for free. (I THINK that is still going on.)

    Enjoy. 🙂

  3. Made a BMage, DE of course, and have been having some real fun! Wish it was paced a bit more quickly… so much ROOM .. world is sooo HUGE that it actually begins to have this empty world feeling hehe. I have a modern PC with Gforce 7950 card, but still found the game worked sooo much better if I backed off the graphics a bit. I would find the world would go “black” on me and then I’d see weather effects on this black canvas LOL… was kinda cool but unplayable. I’ll keep at it and see what lies beyond the newbie zones. Grayman is his name, say hi sometime!

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