Asus PB5 Deluxe/Wifi-ap edition
4 gb of OCZ DDR2 ram/800 That’s 4 sticks
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Sound Card
Logitech keyboard – old style G-15 and Logitech mouse – MX Revolution
With an APC battery back up
basic DVD rom, basic floppy drive,
2 seagate hard drives, 300 gb each

In preparation of “upgrading” my desktop computer from Windows XP Pro to Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit I did this:

1. Added 2 more gig of ram to my system. Upgraded the 7950 GTS to a 8800 GT ( Both evga)

2. Backed up everything on an external hard drive. (had to buy it first. :p)

3. Checked Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor (which says Vista won’t run my 8800 GT).

4. Downloaded all drivers for my hardware in Vista 64 bit form that I could think to get. That includes both raid drivers available for my motherboard.

5. Googled vista and my motherboard to see if any problems arise with Vista installation and my hardware. Mostly concerned with raid drivers.

6. Updated the BIOS. Went into panic mode when the computer wouldn’t boot. Did some googling and discovered that the update changed the voltage on the memory so the computer *couldn’t* boot. Booted with 1 stick of ram (1 gig), reset system time in BIOS, everything ok. Added 1 stick back at a time to ensure no issue. There was no issue.

At the point of no turning back:

1. Deleted old RAID array. Then to BIOS, chanced SATA mode to AHCI from RAID(did I get those letters in the right order? :P). (Removed 2 gb of ram and disconnected a hard drive.) As computer started up I put in Vista disk. After windows was done “loading files” I popped in the floppy disk of the raid driver I wanted to use.

2. Vista install officially started. I didn’t enter product key since that can be entered later (uncheck the activate as soon as I’m online box). On the “where do you want to install Windows?” page I formated my OS partition at 60 gb (that’s also room for pictures and photoshop). Then formated the rest of that drive into its own partition. So that’s 2 partitions not including the hard drive that’s still disconnected.

3. Vista install (from there to actually “logging on” to my computer) took 1.5-2 hours? I wasn’t there for all of it, I was afk doing stuff around the apartment too. It may have taken less time.

4. At this point I ran Windows updates first. Started with security and other required updates, skipped most drivers at first. Skipped the update that was something like “ATK ACPI utility, dated Sept. of 06. This update might have f’ed up OP’s computer.) About 41 updates under Ultimate. Rebooted. No problems. I think at this point I shut it down and put back the 2 gb of ram and reconnected the second hard drive. 4 gb recognized on boot up. Formated the second hard drive via computer/disk manager in windows. (All 1 partition… and this may have taken longer than the initial Vista install.) Then installed video driver and rebooted. Then installed sound card stuff and rebooted. No problems.

5. At this point I finished up with drivers and other “necessary” things and actually worked on getting the installation done. About the only problem I ran into is that AI Suite doesn’t appear to be supported or compatible with Vista. I did have some issue when Windows installed the driver for the wifi.. but I’ve finally read the wifi is kinda crappy on my board and just disabled it. Problem solved.

6. Today is day 2 of all of this. Today I installed CS3 and finished patching games (and reinstalled Direct x 9). Only other weird things: my temperatures have been way off, every now and then. Examples: My motherboard/system temperature was showing at negative 98 degrees C. But it showed that way in BIOS so it could be a problem with the new BIOS, not Vista. The computer did not leave sleep mode very well…. and went into sleep mode when downloading as far as I can tell so it’s now set to never enter sleep mode. The temperature setting for my CPU randomly showed 80 degrees C today. Didn’t believe that either, was only messing with photoshop, wasn’t even in a game. Few minutes ago I got a “page fault in nonpaged area” blue screen when running Vanguard. Don’t know what that’s about, guess I’ll find out.

My system has a 5.3 rating based on Vista’s performance rating system. I think that’s it. All in all, I learned from my fiance’s mistakes (referring to preparation) and the installation seemed to go fairly painlessly.