I was actually kind of surprised to hear from someone today.

In a nut shell the guy was professional and knowledgeable. Hell…he mentioned Linux!

Turns out that DELL does not support multiple partitions in that they do not support multiple OS’s on the same computer. (Makes sense, imo.) They no longer (as far as he knows) support the Upgrade Anytime option. He said they “used to” ship out upgrade discs but doesn’t think they do anymore. They only support the OS that comes with the laptop. (Honestly I have no issue with this; it makes sense.)
I was actually given a chance to explain my initial problem and the reason why he was talking to me… Biggest problem being the outsourced tech. support people have no interest in helping me as soon as I mentioned the word “upgrade”… it didn’t matter I was calling for hardware support. I pointed out that my initial problem with upgrading to Ultimate might have been caused by not having the proper driver installed (because of new drivers coming out) … and that none of the three people I talked to previous to him mentioned anything about drivers. A simple “Did you update to the most recent drivers?” would have been actual help. He said he could have notes forwarded to the people I talked to to make sure they are aware they should still attempt to support the hardware… regardless of the OS used.

Got to explain how outsourced tech. support sucks in general. I said something like “tech support shits on everyone’s head.” Followed that up with there being more shit for people who actually have computer knowledge and are unfortunate enough to call DELL. (Everyone referring to the regular consumer.)

I asked why home and office/consumer side effectively doesn’t have the gold tech support option (which you pay more for.) He didn’t have a good answer… except that they hadn’t bothered (yet)… talked about it and done nothing more. He said that he could escalate that to a few people he knows and said that maybe it’s time to do that. So, in the future, if Home and small office users have the global tech support option… (the no Indians please option) I might have been a part of making that happen.

There’s more, I’ll comment as I remember. I’m distracted with playing EQ2 and updating my desktop (from XP to Ultimate 64 bit).