I’m taking a psych class about sexuality. One bit of information we just covered is Freud. Part of going over Freud is discussing the Oedipus Complex. It’s based on the Greek character of Oedipus. I should point out I’ve read the play Oedipus and I’m familiar with this literature character. According to Freud Oedipus desired his mother and therefore killed his father so he might take his mother for himself.

This annoys me. In the play Oedipus killed an unidentified man who he found out, much later on, was his father. He desired his mother as he would desire a woman. He didn’t know the woman was his mother. After he found out he killed his father and was “with” his mother… he blinded himself.

This is the first time I’ve heard the Oedipus Complex defined from the psych perspective and not from the literature perspective… at least in this detail. Freud is crazy. :p

Oh, and if I happen to be misunderstanding this, feel free to find a source and correct me.