Today I went to a class I didn’t need to go to… as in there was no class today. Instead of getting annoyed and going home I decided to see my advisor about adding a minor degree to my education/degree plan/etc. Then, for shits and giggles, I decided to see what it would take to get a double major instead. It turns out, potentially, in theory, unofficially, it won’t really take any extra work. Like the worst part would be 1 extra semester and taking 2 advanced writing classes. Of course this is unofficial. I have to decide and then go talk to advisors again.

But, the other part. Rounding up, I need less than 40 hours to graduate from my bachelors. If I double major then that would be less than 40 hours for 2 bachelors. Yes, two. Of those 40 hours, 15 can go towards the masters I want to take. (They call it fast-tracking.) I have started this semester saying I’m a junior and don’t know how long I’ll be a junior to I’ll be graduating in two years, and that is WITH the masters.

Add this onto the rest of my plans for life (our plans) and I (we) can be married in 2010-2011. In theory that’s two years of paying on credit cards. We could be looking at houses or in a house in 2012. I can now have answers to questions like: When are you getting married? When are you graduating? When..? When…? When…?

My brains is threatening to implode. I’ve gone from not being sure how long I’ll be in school (read as: I’ll be in school forever!) to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel AND knowing it’s not the oncoming train.

To do: Besides not let my brain implode, or explode, of course. Go over the degree plans, and actually think about this on my own time. Then talk to both advisors for both degrees. Confirm that all the information I have is correct.