Right about the time I started the homeopathy treatment and went off allergy pills (maybe a month before) we bought a new loveseat to replace a hand me down couch. The loveseat has down in it. The down is becoming more and more of a problem. Recently, because of falling and injuring my knee, I’ve spent a lot of time sitting on the aforementioned loveseat. My asthma is pissed. I’m now needing daily (twice yesterday) breathing treatments with the nebulizer. It’s still not as bad as when I got the flu though. And I’ve just got a cough for the most part. I’m not sure if the sudafed to combat the allergies/sinus problems or the aspirin/ibuprofen have affected the asthma either. But, today should tell me, no more aspirin after the dose I took this morning and no more ibuprofen for now. All of this started with a bad bout with my allergies too! Just another reason as far as I’m concerned to no longer continue the homeopathy treatment – or at least not with the last doctor.

It turns out searching for a couch with no down in it could be expensive. Shopping from IKEA it means we might be purchasing leather.

On the other hand, I’ve discovered that a heating pad on my back helps calm down tight chest muscles – side effect of coughing. I might start using the heating pad on my back any time I use the nebulizer.