A few days ago Violet Blue wrote a piece for the San Francisco Chronicle titled “Every girl online is fat, ugly and unsexy. Here’s how to get over it.”Perhaps the best part of her editorial was this:

I just write and talk about sex. But every woman on the Internet gets called slutty and ugly and fat (to put it lightly) no matter what; all we have to be is female. In dinner conversation, my friend Lori reminded me of the Oscar Wilde quote, “Give a man a mask, and he’ll tell you the truth.” I restated it for the Internet, replying, “Give a man a mask, and he’ll slit your throat.” The application here is, “Give a man (or a woman) an anonymous account, and he’ll eviscerate your self-esteem.”

The problem is, with so many women I talk to, the trolling is effective. The number of times I’ve talked down a crying girlfriend after she’s been trolled in her comments about being fat, ugly, skanky, slutty or stupid is higher than I can count (no matter what she writes about). Trolls watch too much mainstream porn and TV, and believe stereotypes are real; they slap us with it and then we believe it, too. We compare ourselves to overly thin models, actresses, and porn stars, and it messes with our self-image and our ability to express ourselves sexually, and especially to enjoy sex.
I love the Oscar Wilde quote. For now I’m assuming the quote is correct, I’ll research that later. It’s an apt description of trolls as well as a general description of society. When I decided to make this post I thought I had more to say. I guess what it comes down to is that women are more likely to fall victim to trolls than men since women have already had/are having their self esteem bombarded by society practically as a whole.