…in a nutshell, was all about no. No chair. No company. No power. No hot water.

Saturday afternoon we were going to buy a leather love seat and chair at IKEA. Well, the loveseat wasn’t in stock. No loveseat, but that’s ok, that happens. So, we figure we’ll take home the chair and start with that. To get the chair we had to wait in the “full service” area, not the self service go get it yourself area. We were patient, we waited for almost an hour. Then we found out we couldn’t get the chair that same day because they needed a forklift to retrieve it, from an area where customers are, which can’t be done during business hours. So, had to come back the next day (Sunday) and get it. Ok. We have a truck, so could be worse, mostly just fucking annoying.

Saturday night we were to have company over; but he had to cancel because he got called into work. Blargh.

Saturday night/Sunday-2am-in-the-morning we wake up to no power. Sunday morning-like-after-9am-morning we wake up to no power. We go to the mall so OP can get his hair cut, then lunch, then back home to switch to the truck and on to IKEA. (The power came back on when were still at the mall – did the call the home phone and check for the answering machine trick.) Got the chair. Pointed out the break down of communication from yesterday to the manager; learned of a change in the way self service and full service are set up; so in theory, things will smooth out.

Sunday afternoon we do a lot of rearranging of furniture. Turns out the dining room and living room needed almost completely rearranged. They look better now though.

After rearranging the furniture it was shower time. I took a mostly cold shower because the hot water was fucked up/nonexistent.

We assume that something happened with boiler system some where, there is some hot water, but it’s reaching us as barely lukewarm.

Hopefully we have no other surprises or forced plan changes in the near future.

The IKEA leather Ektorp chair is quite comfy though!