Final Fantasy IV for the DS just came out recently. They added all kinds of neat things… I don’t know the specifics, I didn’t play any of the first versions of FFIV. I’ve heard about it. My Final Fantasy experience is still limited, and if it wasn’t for Persona 3 I’d probably be playing something Final Fantasy when not reading for school.

Anyways, there has been some question about whether this version of the game has popular bits (or translation errors) just like the previous games. This picture is proof that “spoony bard” is in the DS version of FFIV.

This post is all for OP, he’s playing the game, I offered to write up a short little post about it for him. Yes, he needs to clean the touch screen on his DS. (grin)

Go here for the link to Flickr with a bigger version of the picture.

you spoony bard

you spoony bard