us news world report mothers poll

So, some of the problems with this poll. Seriously, Palin is winning this stupid ridiculous pointless-as-can-be-poll? Wtf? And please, do not vote for the poll, that’s why I haven’t linked directly to the poll!

1. Women are female. Female doesn’t mean best care giver for children possible.

2. First Lady Michelle Obama’s “figurine” is included in the picture like she’s an afterthought… off to the left, with less space around her.

3. First Lady Michelle Obama is a black woman, not a well tanned white woman. Is U.S. News and World Report embarrassed the first lady is a black woman?

4. Would you really vote for who should run a day care based upon her parenting skills?

5. How are people supposed to vote in the poll?

6. The vagueness of the poll makes it utterly worthless.

7. Aside from the fact that it’s on the Internet.

8. What’s with the gestures the figures are posed with?

9. What’s with the results from the other poll regarding Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?! House husband?!

10. I’d vote for whoever has the most experience running a business.

11. You know like with hiring people and managing people.

12. I won’t ever be buying a U.S. News and World Report magazine. Though, I guess with titles of articles like this, I probably shouldn’t be surprised?