So, I had a credit card that was run by a big big credit card company that starts with H. and ends with S. B. C. They decided to close it out because of inactivity.

So I called to find out why. (No, I don’t have this verbatim anymore… just enough for the jist of it all.)

The automated system told me my account was closed but still gave me payment information options…

Once I got a live person I asked why the account got closed. I was told because of inactivity, once accounts are inactive for more than 4 months they are closed, and the last transaction on my account was August 08. So I say again, why. And I’m told this is specifically in the membership agreement. The membership agreement says four months of inactivity leads to account being closed… or something similar.

So I’m thinking, ok, I wonder when this got added to the “membership agreement.” So I ask, when was this added. She’s confused at first as to what my question is.. so I point out I know the membership agreement can be changed at any time thanks to the other notice I got about how my cash advance limit was changing. She says the membership agreement only says the account can be closed for inactivity. Nothing about time period. After telling me different.  She does tell me the membership agreement was last updated April 08.

So, while a complete waste of time, the phone call does tell me one thing. While it’s annoying to now have only 1 credit card (what if that one gets hosed by the recession as well?), losing this card is definitely not a loss.