I hate AT&T. But, they are the lesser of multiple evils when considering the options, the phones available and what you can do with your phone. (Verizon locks down their phones more than AT&T, otherwise I’d switch to Verizon. Probably.)

My husband and I have 2 PDA/smart phones/etc phones with unlimited data. Until today he had 200 texts/month and I had unlimited texts a month. We had old plans they don’t offer anymore. To get unlimited texts on his line I had to get family plan unlimited texts. The rep told me my bill is going to increase about 25 bucks. (She was nice by the way.)

Because I have old plans not offered anymore.

The supervisor I talked to after her to complain about how AT&T treats their customers in general seemed to think I was saving money. He told me the old line by line for unlimited texts was 20 bucks each. Well, if that’s the case how would my bill increase by 25 bucks? (I’d be adding 1 20 buck charge…)

And his best guess as to why text messaging now costs more is because of the national inflation rate. Sooooo AT&T can charge more for text messages because of inflation. Right.

It got fun when he tried to tell me I was having trouble adjusting to the new charges. Riiiiiiiight. After trying to apologize. Why are you trying to apologize when you can’t change anything? That’s when I decided to get off the phone. Cell phone companies seem to exist in a slightly different reality.

And, on a side note. When did mute turn into hold? The rep told me she was putting me on hold but I’d still be able to hear her. That’s not hold, that’s mute. And when I worked in the call center business mute was BAD. Also, last I knew, mute buttons were not 100% guaranteed to actually work. Maybe AT&T has awesome something or other…

So, AT&T = Time Warner. One more corporation that has monopolistic characteristics that someone needs to do something about that will probably keep getting worse.