I can’t decide how I feel about Blizzard’s decision to change their policies and have their customers use real names instead of screen names. Kotaku had a decent post about it and the issues it includes… as did the writer of the Eating Bees blog, who is also a must read for anyone who games on PC.

I know as a female, on the Internet, (gasp! There are no women on the internetzzz) I’ve run into creeps, slimeballs, and trolls who attempt to troll just because I *am* female. I’ve also run into some really nice people in the Internet. Granted the assholes out-weigh the husband material…. but that happens irl too.

I know this whole thing makes me very tempted to resub my WoW account, watch, and take notes.

/end sociology nerd

Edit: That’s amusing. Right after I hit publish… I see this:

We changed our mind.

This is perhaps the most important part:

I want to make sure it’s clear that our plans for the forums are completely separate from our plans for the optional in-game Real ID system now live with World of Warcraft and launching soon with StarCraft II. We believe that the powerful communications functionality enabled by Real ID, such as cross-game and cross-realm chat, make Battle.net a great place for players to stay connected to real-life friends and family while playing Blizzard games. And of course, you’ll still be able to keep your relationships at the anonymous, character level if you so choose when you communicate with other players in game. Over time, we will continue to evolve Real ID on Battle.net to add new and exciting functionality within our games for players who decide to use the feature.

The wording there suggests to me that people don’t completely understand what Blizzard is attempting to do. Myself included?