I started seriously knitting in 2010, making the decision to learn more and progress in my skill… basically, see if I could turn it into a hobby. Turns out I like yarn. I like buying yarn. I like going to the LYS and petting the yarn and eyeing the pretty colors…. err. For project brainstorming. Yea.

I definitely learned a thing or two. My knitting looks better. I finished a few (smaller) projects. I don’t unintentionally twist my knitting anymore. I know a thing or so (not sure I can call it two things) about increases and decreases in knitting. I’ve learned a little about differences in fibers. Merino is purrty! I knit a scarf in the round. I’ve used circular knitting needles to knit flat. Little things mostly.

Going to learn socks and double pointed needles next. I have a book about natural fibers to start learning more about fibers. I have to get better about different weights of yarns. That’ll come with practice. Most importantly I have to take care of my shoulders-elbows-wrists and not knit too much at once. Pain is bad. (Oh, neck too.)

Also, hooray ravelry. I’ve already spent many afternoons looking at patterns and I doubt that’ll stop any time soon.