I signed up on nanowrimo so I can follow stuff on their site in preparation of maybe being part of nanowrimo this November. Is it too early to start preparing now? I don’t think so. I’ve know about nanowrimo for at least… 2 Novembers… but never took part because I did remember soon enough in the year and didn’t want it to distract me from my classes. Well school is over, I’ve got both degrees now. So, there’s nothing standing in my way, especially since I’m still unemployed/job searching.

I’m thinking the logical next step is to start writing every day, so I can get in practice again. Well, outside of being forced to write every day for class. I did blog more, once. I could use the blog to write every day or I could use prompts to write freehand/fiction. Or I could do stream of consciousness sit down with a timer and write for some specific exact period of time. I did subscribe to a blog that offers writing prompts but I’d really rather use one that I’ve got recommendations for.

I know if I do start actually writing a book I’ll use scrivener. (I’ve used it for writing in school and it’s awesome… a research paper and an independent study paper/project.)

I have also remembered that it would be fun to write a scifi(fantasy)/future/alternate history sort of story by paying special attention to the society/sociology. I’ve just figured out the future/alternate history possibilities as well as wondering if I should read more “alternate world” scifi(fantasy) books.

And then there’s the part where all of this is technically just procrastinating starting writing. So, really, I could procrastinate starting for at least another few weeks… and then if I have a job by then use the job to procrastinate more! Obviously I need to not procrastinate if I’m serious! Am I serious?

I know I like to write, I know I can research – even if I’ve really only researched for school, that doesn’t matter, because I can research. I know I like to be doing something that is creative – whether that be blogging, writing, or knitting. I also know there is some (small?) part of me that would like to publish a book – see my name on a book sitting in the store. (But isn’t everyone that way?) I also know a little about the best ways for me to work thanks to school – like changing things up every now and again. Going to $tarbucks with a laptop is almost clique now but it can really help get work done. Ok I’m not ending a blog post by talking about taking a laptop to $tarbucks.

So, I have learned. I do have a vague general idea for how to write a novel. I have no idea if it’s a good idea, I have no idea how to go about it and I have no idea if I should research by reading similar books. Perhaps if I think I should then it’s a good idea? I’d also have to figure out if I want any kind of post-apocalyptic action. I’d lean towards no because I think that kind of storyline is a bit like vampires – easy to overdo. Warping some type of current society could be interesting – but would I also need to do some political research? (not tea party vs. everyone else, but at the country level). Anyways. This is enough for now. I’ve got this here so I can refer back to it if necessary.