My free time that is a combination of actual free time and I have to kill some time is about to end. Job starts Thursday. One of this day jobs. The kind I thought I didn’t want. Figures. But it’s not in academia which I can see myself continuing in right now.

So, these last couple days I figured out it’s best to do cleaning/organizing type things because those are things I’m going to want to do even less. Well, more of those things. I’ve done a lot of filing. Quite a lot. But I’ve done other more enjoyable things – like finish re-watching all of Firefly and Serenity. I finally cleared out my email inbox (first time ever).

I’d like to work on some budgeting in preparation of having money, basically, have a plan. But nothing comes to mind. Yet.

I’m thinking once I get past the “new” part of being employed and get into my routine I’ll be more likely to have a mind for writing. That means I’ll actually be interested in writing and have less time for writing, reading, and knitting….

Life will definitely be changing, but I think, eventually; this will make for more focus…. and less piles of paper cause I did a bit of filing!