So the last time I refilled my asthma medicine – the maintenance drug that is effectively an anti-inflammatory for my lungs – it cost $60 instead of the usual $10. No warning. This is, obviously, the after insurance price. I’m not sure I’d still be breathing if I didn’t have health insurance. Yesterday I got a letter* from the insurance company saying that the cost of my asthma medicine** will be going up and I have one more refill before I have to pay the higher cost.

Well, it already went up. A month ago. AND the small print at the bottom of the letter says I will have to pay the full amount of my medicine if I continue to buy it at a retail pharmacy. Further, changing to another drug will save me $600/year… and getting the same medicine from their mail in pharmacy will save me $120/year. Oh, so you want me to stop using the medicine that works just fine do you?

$50 copay to the specialist doctor later and I find out I should be able to switch to another asthma medicine (similar type, in the same drug “family”) and effectively pay nothing because there’s a card to cover the copay for the next 12 refills. And I have a sample since I’m almost out of the old medicine my insurance company decided effectively to stop covering.

Pharmaceutical companies are fucked up man. Eloquent right?


*The whole letter sounded like the insurance company was now in bed with a new drug company.

**Pulimort flexhaler