So far my allergies have been causing my knitting projects to be kind of all over the place… And life happening has meant today will be the first day this week where we will both be home before the sun is down.

I feel like I have some many things rattling around in my head and I just want to have a day of knitting, comic reading, netflix, and the couch. Maybe in 2 weeks?

Current projects:
1. Socks for me in green tea
2. Socks for me in disaster at the Drycleaners
3. Red shawl for my mom – no deadline
4. Askew in looks like rain – moves pretty quick
5. Fingerless gloves in purple that might work as a gift – attempting to improve on style I want
6. Racing stripe scarf for hub – by the time it’s cold?
7. Shiny rainbow shawl in different lines – unknown if will be a gift
8. Stripe study in blue/black – but I haven’t worked on this for so long and I’m not sure I did switching colors so well, tempted to frog it
9. Purple shawl in crazy yarn started for SIL, might need restarted, could be for Christmas

1. BSJ for coworker, their baby is due in September
2. More sock weight socks for me for slip on shoes
3. Worsted weight pair of socks for hub
4. Sweater top for me

On hold
1. Hat for me
2. Something else I think