Or, living with food allergies sucks. I’ve gotten mostly used to the tree nut (all of ’em), fish (multiple) and shellfish allergies (all of ’em) I got confirmed with a skin test last summer. I still have moments because of all the places fish can be hidden.

Earlier this year I did the blood allergy test and tested positive to:


So far, by way of diet changes I have confirmed cinnamon, oats, and cherries.

That means I’m probably allergic to the other things on the list, or if I’m not already I will be once I’m exposed enough. (That conclusion is also based on conversation with my asthma/allergy doctor’s nurse.)

Every now and again I have to go back and look at the blood test results to see what I’m NOT allergic to.

Most recently I started allergy shots with the hopes they will help. After about a month of being sick and adjusting the dosage, my doctor as said we have to stop allergy shots. How about an advance in immunology research for Christmas? Think you can do that for me Santa?

Food allergies make you reevaluate your relationship with food and with your body. Food allergies are hard because so few people understand them – including people WITH food allergies. I’m hating my body a little more right now.