In giving my blog some love I caught the old post with projects from last summer.

Old list:

Current projects:
1. Socks for me in green tea – completed
2. Socks for me in disaster at the Drycleaners – still waiting
3. Red shawl for my mom – no deadline – completed/gifted
4. Askew in looks like rain – moves pretty quick – on hold
5. Fingerless gloves in purple that might work as a gift – attempting to improve on style I want – frogged
6. Racing stripe scarf for hub – by the time it’s cold? – completed/gifted
7. Shiny rainbow shawl in different lines – unknown if will be a gift – frogged
8. Stripe study in blue/black – but I haven’t worked on this for so long and I’m not sure I did switching colors so well, tempted to frog it – going to frog
9. Purple shawl in crazy yarn started for SIL, might need restarted, could be for Christmas – successfully restarted, finished, gifted

1. BSJ for coworker, their baby is due in September – completed/gifted
2. More sock weight socks for me for slip on shoes – have the yarn
3. Worsted weight pair of socks for hub – not yet, it’s been warm this winter
4. Sweater top for me – still planned

adding to planned:

  1. lace
  2. large shawl – like 1000 yards or more large
  3. more interesting socks