I’ve started learning about/doing yoga with the help of some DVDs and programs geared towards beginners. Yesterday I worked through the majority of a program currently free if you have Amazon Prime and access to the videos section. I liked this program because it actually named the poses you would be doing and had a specific focus on breathing. I find that I really enjoy yoga for a variety of reasons, but at the same time, it’s very hard to find a program geared toward a true beginner that knows little about yoga. You cannot learn yoga from a book – you need to be able to see the poses in person.

The biggest reason I like yoga is that you use your body and only do what your body is capable of doing. That’s also why I started learning yoga at home with a DVD in my living room instead of finding a class. No pressure! This also makes it easy to set goals. If the first time you can barely hold the pose, then each time after that you try to hold the pose a little longer – or hold the pose at all!

The thing that amazes me about yoga is how it’s different from the general culture of “no pain no gain” of exercise. Pain is bad. ALWAYS. If there is pain, your body will be recovering from something for some amount of time. This obviously varies by person. I do yoga on a mat, in my living room. I don’t run. I don’t lift weights. I don’t do anything that actually feels strenuous. Holding poses is hard, but doesn’t feel strenuous. Yet, as a beginner anyways, I’m definitely using energy, sweating, and burning calories, easily.

Finally, the reason I’m going to continue yoga is because it actually focuses on breathing and so there’s an aspect of relaxation and de-stressing included in my exercise without having to exercise hard and end up out of breath – which I don’t need with my asthma. Even learning about yoga through doing yoga has been enjoyable. I know at some point I will likely seek out a class – but I’m not ready yet.