There should be an expansion, leader option, or scenario that applies some Marvel mythos to the Civilization 5 game.

There’s a couple ways you could approach this. I’m going to use the movie because we happen to be re-watching it right now.

Leader option: Director Fury (alternate for America obviously)

Great People (would be more interesting and you’d also have different spies)

Bruce Banner = great scientist

Tony Stark = great engineer

Black Widow = spy (obviously)

Hawkeye = ????

Captain America = great general (duh!) – benefits provided regardless of where unit is stationed

Agent Coulson = ?????

Erik Selveg = great scientist

Jane Foster = great scientist

Thor = great general

Loki = ????

Pepper Pots = great merchant ????? (Steve Jobs is considered a merchant)

Tourism options

Stark Expo: hosted by whoever reaches Information Age first (whoever hosts it also gets a research bonus for x+y turns besides the tourism bonus for y turns)

Landmark for the battle of New York, can also find tech from the battle as artifacts or a one time research bonus – only after researching future tech

artifact: Coulson’s Captain America Trading Cards

artifact: Glowstick of Destiny

Other buildings

Stark Industries: replaces factory, also provides 1 science

schwarma stand: 1 food, 1 happiness

Avengers Tower: reduces enemy spy success (like Stark Tower but not)

Other things

Replace building a space craft with something ?????

This seems like a good start