I’m hoping the drama from the Duck Dynasty douchebag shoving his foot in his mouth calms down this week as Giftmas Christmas hits. Then people will want to talk about the stuff received, right?

Anyways. If you actually don’t know what I’m referring to then go Google it. I’m not linking his shit. I’m tired of looking at it.

I’ve run into a few things and it’s all ridiculous. This douchebag – regardless of his age – does not have a leg to stand up. That leads me to the first argument – he’s old. Bullshit. If age is an excuse then where’s his wagging tail? Old age is an excuse for an old dog who accidentally shit in the hall because, he’s, well, old.

Next thing. Free speech. There’s free speech and there’s being a hateful fucking idiot. You do not need to broadcast* your religion in a hateful fashion. It doesn’t help anyone. Everyone knows you don’t talk about religion or politics with most company – other things too. Anyone who’s had dinner with their parents knows as much.

Extension of free speech – the douchebag was unrightfully suspended** from his employment because he pissed off his employer. Everyone knows you have free speech but if you walk up to your boss and tell him/her exactly what you think of him/her you might very well be fired for your words.

Next, it’s part of his religion and so it’s religious discrimination – or some such bullshit. There’s a difference between faith and hate. I don’t consider myself Christian and haven’t read from the Bible for over a decade but I’m fairly certain that Jesus did not counsel anyone to hate or otherwise mistreat other people for any reason….*** You can discuss your faith and share your beliefs without comparing certain parts of the population’s behavior to inhumane, cruel, and illegal behavior. Or did I miss that day in Sunday school?

Finally, the popularity of the show does not matter. There are a lot of people who do not watch cable. If this douchebag losing his second job is causing you to lose sleep at night or not be able to eat dinner – well maybe you should skip dinner so you remember what it’s like to go hungry – just like all the children in the country (world) who don’t get enough to eat every night.

*If my use of broadcast confuses you, here you go:

**Otherwise known as being let out of his fishbowl but that’s a whole other discussion.

***I’m leaving out references to crime here since crime does not figure in here.

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