Here’s one according to the Dr. Weil guy, I totally picked one because he’s got a fanny pyramid. I detest a lot of diet advice found no the internet because. Often, such advice, like the link I’ve included, makes no mention of how to figure out what is in season. In this decade, just because it’s offered fresh in your local grocery store – if you have one – does not mean that it’s in season. Further, there is no consideration of cost. Organic produce is expensive! I’m not saying do not eat organic. Personally I think I feel better eating organic – and prefer it – but sometimes you have to make choices because of the cost.

Good article about histamine intolerance: Maintz L and Novak N. Histamine and histamine intolerance. Am J Clin Nutr 2007; 85:1185–96.

Let’s work through this from the bottom shall we?

– varies by season and region of the country you live in.
– description suggests money is not an issue here either
– I cannot have tomatoes or spinach.
– I tested allergic to cabbage and have yet to retest this.

– again varies by season and region of the country you live in.
– Berries are famous for anti-inflammatory properties. I’m allergic to cherries and all berries are high in histamine.
– Thankfully, apples are easy to get. We’ve kept those on hand through cooler months so far.

Whole and cracked grains
– gluten intolerant
– yeast is to be avoided on low histamine diet
– That being said, pretty easy to handle in dinner.

– gluten free pasta is really not as good for you, or as good tasting
– also, why? I guess it’s here for variety?

Beans and Legumes
– this might be the first actually easy thing I’ve seen
– except that since I cannot have vinegar under the low histamine diet I’d have to start cooking beans from scratch DAILY.
– hummus is tricky because I can’t eat the leftovers after 24 hours.
– canned foods not smart on low histamine diet.

Healthy fats
– allergic to tree nuts
cannot tolerate flax or oat
– avocados are high in histamine and a possible migraine trigger. I eat sparingly.
– I eat eggs sparingly because of histamine and cholesterol. I cannot eat the foods that would naturally help to lower cholesterol.

Fish and seafood
– COMPLETELY OUT on low histamine diet and made me very sick before I knew anything about the low histamine diet
– again depends on region of country you live in.

Whole soy foods
– again, why?
– also not recommended on low histamine diet

Cooked Asian mushrooms
– But what about people allergic to fungus? I’m careful with mushroom intake because of my mold/fungus allergies.
– also, this one is interesting. Reason to eat more Shitake mushrooms?

Other sources of protein
– this is probably the only easy thing here.
– Except that I cannot eat any cheese but mozzarella or goat cheese and have to have yogurt sparingly.

Healthy herbs and spices
– what makes them healthy?
– Ginger causes a serious reaction for me and I think it’s part of the low histamine diet
– I don’t tolerate turmeric well.
– Cinnamon gives me bad asthma attacks and it’s not on the low histamine diet.
– Garlic? That one’s ok but you can’t put garlic on everything.

– Out on the low histamine diet. I save it for days when I need a hot drink only since I’m allergic to coffee. Also, coffee has health benefits…..
– cannot tolerate more than 1 cup of white every few days because of caffeine
– cannot tolerate green or oolong at all

– seriously?
– I have yet to find a multivitamin that doesn’t have food sources in that. Spinach is a popular one – which is high in histamine.
– I’m on vitamin D supplements but that’s because my doctor found I’m low on vitamin D. Just recommending a fat soluble substance with no mention of a doctor is NOT smart.

Red Wine
– migraine trigger.
– no alcohol on the low histamine diet

Healthy Sweets such as dark chocolate
– dried fruit is out because of sulfites
– chocolate is high in histamine

So, basically, vegetables and proteins for me, with some fruit thrown in.