Did you ever want to know more about epi-pens? Well here’s your chance. This is what comes in the box…along with instructions.


This is a training device and two epi-pens. Why two? You’re actually supposed to have two in case the first one doesn’t work. Either because if physically doesn’t work in a mechanical fashion or because you need a second injection. They also come in cases.


There you have a better idea of what a person who carries epi pens actually lugs around. These epi pens happen to be expired. So why haven’t I thrown them out? Because they are good for practicing. Oranges are also good for practicing.


You should also see the instructions on this one. Pay special attention to step three. It says see emergency medical attention.

Step 1


Step 2


See that indent in the orange? See how the epi pen has now been triggered? It comes down like that so there’s no needle sticking out afterwards. It’s also safe to throw away now too.

So there you have it. I really hope I never have to use one of theses. I’ve had at least one allergic reaction where I should have used it but at that time I did not understand how allergic reactions can severely effect your pulse and blood pressure as well as your breathing.