I have no new year’s resolutions. I almost feel like the words “new year’s resolutions” now have a negative connotation. Instead, I’m trying to actually focus on the goals I already have. These include losing weight, writing more, reading more, and paying off debt. Pretty unoriginal. I think the only thing the new year has to do with goals is it’s a convenient time to get a fresh start – useful for money because then you’re starting your fresh start on a new tax year.

Writing more includes writing more on my blog, writing for TextBroker and Ghostblogger in an attempt to make money, as well as finishing my 2013 NaNoWriMo story.

Losing weight is tricky with my health. I’m re-evaluating my approach to exercise and kind of starting over with the general idea of just spending less time sitting and more time moving. This might even mean doing nothing more than standing up and raising my hands over my head just to make sure I have.

Reading basically means just more. I’m aiming to finish the books I’ve started and never finished over the last year – that’s like twelve books started. I realized I’m wanting to read epic fantasy again. Kept talking about reading it but wasn’t reading any epic fantasy. This means putting another book I just started on hold to finish a book I started last summer.

While I’m not reading, writing, budgeting, or resting, I’ll be playing computer games or knitting. Knitting includes focusing on projects I’ve already started but this has nothing to do with the new year and everything to do with just wanting to wear the things I’ve started knitting!

Hopefully, focusing on my goals will make for less stress in my life.