How would you feel if you were walking alone on a sidewalk, crossing the street, etc. and suddenly someone grabs you from behind? You’ve been minding your own business – thinking about anything and everything – and your arm is grabbed by YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO.

What do you do? Don’t mumble, what would you do? Would you react differently if it was light out as compared to if it was nighttime?

Well, why you are thinking about that, go read this article.

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The officer grabbed a civilian’s arm without her knowledge. Why did he walk up behind her? Why did he grab her arm? He could have tapped on her the shoulder. He could have moved into her field of vision and waved instead. Did he think she was a threat? If he thought she was a threat, why did he place himself close enough to her for something to happen?

Furthermore, would the officer have acted the same way if the civilian in question was a 6 foot tall black male? What abut a deaf person? What about mother with a stroller and a small child?

In my opinion, all of my questions show that the officers involved in this experience described in that article are not properly trained. Primarily, I think these officers lack training because their actions were based on judging this woman to not be a threat to their personal safety. What if this woman happened to be trained in self defense? If she was grabbed from behind by an unknown assailant, society has taught her to react to protect herself – not to stop and see who it is first because society teaches that strangers are potential assailants – potential rapists. That would mean, because of a badly trained (I’m assuming he’s not an idiot) police officer, a young woman would be facing criminal charges and or jail time for doing something that might be described as human nature.

Between this article and a personal experience I had recently, I’m beginning to question if police have too much authority. I don’t think this is just limited to Texas either – because that seems naive to assume. Why can police touch a civilian who is obviously not threatening? The act of moving within arm’s reach of another person can mean that the police officer is putting himself in a threatening situation since he’s placing his service weapon in arm’s reach too. Maybe police officers should be taught to stop and think BEFORE they approach a stranger. Civilians cannot touch police officers so why do officers have so much authority over civilians?

It seems like more and more simple human behavior is something authority takes offense to. It’s quite possible to not hear someone or assume the noise is not directed at you – especially when you don’t know you are doing anything wrong! (I wonder if she actually knew she was jaywalking.)

The woman in the picture/video was obviously frightened, scared, confused, and frustrated. I’d assume she did not feel like she was being understood or listened to since you can hear her screaming in the video. I wonder, would a black male who had acted exactly the same way been thrown to the ground before he was cuffed?