I love my immunologist because he’s very thorough. I just wish I didn’t have to leave 45 minutes before my appointment time (driving, parking, checking in, etc.).

Had my 6 month followup today. Caught him up on medicines, new diagnoses and stuff. He doesn’t think I have mast cell activation disorder. He agreed with me when I said I don’t think I’m “sick enough.” However, there are milder forms…. so he’s going to think about it when finishing the notes from the visit and stuff.

It’s obvious I need to give the MS meds more time because I cannot definitively say whether or not I feel better. I just know other people have noticed changes that seem to be improvements.

He also recommended I see a dietician, which is cool because it means seeing one who actually has experience dealing with food allergies!

I remembered to grabb a copy of the results I had from a skin test done last year (July 1st). I tested allergic to broccoli, spinach, cherry, grape, almonds, brazil nut and hazel nut. This is also interesting because I *had* reactions to walnut after eating them but didn’t test positive here.

….I need to decide if I want new skin tests done. Problem is I have to go off all antihistamines for 5 days which will probably be migraine triggering all to hell and back – beyond who knows what else. I might try adding foods back into my diet and see how that goes first. I’m not sure how to handle it.