I’m (again) having questions of identity. Americans like to base their identity on their job/career. I don’t have a job or career. I want to write in a way that lets me share my thoughts with other people. Ultimately I want to write a book. I want to publish said book. Maybe I want to write more than one book. But I’m pretty sure I don’t want to write a series. I want to write different books about different things.

Today a question popped in my head out of the blue – in a my subconscious must be working on this way – “How do you refind yourself?”

So, I stopped what I was doing and decided that was a good time to lay out the tarot cards.

The first card, the one to represent me? The fool. I was sort of amused to see it. Before I was finishing with laying out all the cards one of the cats came over and purred in my face too.



I guess, ultimately, you refind, or redefine yourself one day – one action – at a time.